Liverpool warns City to beat United

This time Manchester United played one goal less!

Liverpool won 5-0 in their first league match at Old Trafford, with Salah scoring a hat-trick. This time Salah scored a low goal, and Liverpool did the same. Liverpool reached the top of the league for the first time since 1 October, winning 4-0.


How the two teams played in the first half was made clear by the words of former Man United midfielder Paul Scholes at the break. Asked how United played, Scholes said he would not say anything about United, but would rather talk about how dazzling Klopp played football.

How well did Liverpool play? Only a few numbers can mean that. In the 45th minute, United could not take any shot in the post of Liverpool, Liverpool has touched the box twice. The first was in the 34th minute when Maguire's header in the corner bounced off the Liverpool defender, and shortly before the break, the second was when the ball touched Rashford's foot on a floating pass and fell into the hands of Liverpool goalkeeper Allison.

And Liverpool? He took 9 shots, of which 3 were in the post, and two returned to the defense of United. United has given 300 passes more than 146 passes. In the first four minutes, Bruno Fernandez came close to snatching the ball from Allison with a gift of the moment by bringing the moment to the tip of the pocket at Anfield College, but in the end both times it was Joy Allison's. Outside of Liverpool, Allison did not have to give any tests!

And there are two goals to work on! The first one is great in 5 minutes, the second one is dazzling after 16 minutes. Forgetting the position of the Maguire-Dalits, the 'vast desert' opens up in front of Salah and Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool. Diaz's foot needed to be touched on Salah's cross from the right with a great quality through, the Colombian winger did not make such a mistake.


If this goal brings relief to Anfield, Salah's goal in the 22nd minute fills the mind! After a great one-touch football performance in front of the United Box, Salah was found by a remarkable quality lobby, with only United goalkeeper David de Gea in front. Consequences? What else, round! Pep Guardiola's 2011 Barcelona will stand up and clap!

Sadio Mane played as a striker in the match, the way he was going down and repeatedly giving the ball to Salah-Diaz, looking at the game it seemed that maybe it doesn't mean, Firmino is playing with the same quality! It was Firmino's trademark to come down and give the two wingers a chance to score. Now the quality has become!

No more goals in the first half. Needless to say, Liverpool did not show much power in the last few minutes of the first half.

United's German coach Ralph Rangnick changed the table from 3-5-2 to 4-3-3 in the second half. The goal is the same, United players who are running after the ball in the first half so that they can play with a little ball this time. Reducing one player in defense and increasing one player in the attack has resulted in United succeeding at least a little. With the arrival of newcomers Sancho, Rashford, and Bruno, United have a chance to keep the ball on their feet for a relatively long time.

In addition, as usual, Liverpool turned the stick on United, whenever the opportunity arose to increase the heart of the Maguire-Dalits.

In the 6th minute of the match, the ball came to the standard from the left side of the field as a result of great chemistry between Lewis Diaz and left-back Andy Robertson. The Senegalese winger made the shoreline 3-0 with great placement of his left foot. By then, United's morale was shattered!

Salah's second goal in the 75th minute also made an impression. Gathering the ball from the midfield, he somehow ran halfway through the field and provided the ball to Salah. Diogo Jota came on the field as an alternative to Diaz. From there, Salah scored his second and the team's fourth goal in the match. The Egyptian winger did not let the thought of Salah's form get in the way of the fans even before this match, given the fragile defense of United.

Towards the end of the match, he got another chance to score. If he had scored, Salah might have become the first Liverpool player to score a hat-trick in two league matches of the season against United. But that did not happen. The match ended with a 4-0 shoreline. Liverpool scored nine goals in two games against United in the league. The team has never set such a record against arch-rivals United.

In addition to the record, a warning was not sent to the city camp?