The game is the Spanish Super Cup. One never knows whether the Spanish Federation will be the only motive behind moving the tournament out of Spain, rather than the hundred-year-old schedule. The debate was not less. The Spanish Federation did not do anything illegal, but the question was whether the work was right in terms of the spirit of the game.


So what can be said about the peak! The Spanish Super Cup in the new table is arranged in such a way that it is safe to assume that Pique's team Barcelona and arch-rivals Real Madrid will play regularly. PK has taken a commission in exchange for taking that tournament to Saudi Arabia. It has leaked an investigation report published by the Spanish newspaper El Confidential yesterday.

But the emphasis is still on the neck of the peak. The Barcelona defender proudly stated that he had not done anything illegal.

From 2020, the Super Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia instead of Spain. Sometimes the 2021 Super Cup has been held in Spain, but it has been due to the terrible situation of corona infection. Instead of taking the tournament to Saudi Arabia, the tournament has been changed from two teams to four teams.

Earlier, only the Spanish league and the Cup-winning tournament played in the tournament, if the same team won the two titles, the Cup runners-up team would have a chance. The schedule was changed in such a way that Real Madrid and Barcelona could always play. The calculation is straightforward, if not Barcelona-Real, then Saudi Arabia will not be interested in pouring money! In addition to the two Cup finalists in the new table, there will be opportunities for the top two teams in the league outside the two Cup finalists. And the fact that Barcelona and Real Madrid will be in the top two or cup final in the league at least 98-99 times out of 100, it seems to be assumed!

The reason for changing the table, the country to change the fate of the Super Cup? If the Super Cup is held in Saudi Arabia every season under a six-year contract, the Spanish Federation will get 40 million Euros from the country, 24 million in 7 years! But 10 percent of the commission of the peak, that is, Spanish super Saudi Arabia by organizing so much, the income of the peak will be 24 million! Because of the relationship with Saudi Arabia, the PK brought the agreement.

But there is a debate as to whether it is a conflict of interest for him to take part in an agreement to become a player of a club participating in the tournament. Discussions are going on as to whether PK has done anything illegal or not. Yesterday, El Confidential said in a statement that they had evidence of the leak, as well as audio recordings of conversations between PK and Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales.

Interestingly, three days before the report was leaked, the Spanish Federation stated in a statement that someone had hacked their office computer and stolen confidential documents and some audio clips of the president (Rubiales)!

PK, who has been under pressure since the El Confidential report, announced on Twitter before the Barcelona- a match in the league tomorrow that he would talk about it on video media after the match. PK did not play in the match due to injury.

"I have nothing to hide," Twitch said in a video after the match. Whatever we have done, we have not done anything illegal here. I will explain my side of the conflict of interest later. But I don't see anything hidden here. Rather proud. Because we did a great job. "

PK, however, did not take the money directly, according to a report by El Confidential. It said the money had been deposited into the account of Cosmos Group, Pick's company, but that it had not been taken directly from the Spanish Federation or the Saudi organizers to avoid controversy. But Kal PK Twitch said he had taken the money directly from the Saudi organizers, and that the commission he was receiving had been known since the agreement was signed in 2019.

The Barca defender has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating "Similar, baseless allegations concerning Bara's defense have been made more than once. What was not in the headlines two years ago is now being used to make news. The only illegal thing here is leaking audio clips. '

In the leaked audio clip, of course, how much will a club get, how much will PK and the Spanish Federation get ... PK explained everything to Rubiales. Although Rubiales said at the time of the announcement of the agreement with Saudi Arabia in September 2019, they are not paying any commission to PKK.

But now that it has been proven that PKK's organization has received a commission, PKK is speaking out loud: "We (Cosmos) have good relations with many countries in the Middle East, not just Saudi Arabia. They wanted to take the football tournament to their country, after seeing everything on a large scale, we talked to Rubiales. Wanted to see if he would be interested in taking the Supercop there. He liked the proposal. Now people are mad at the new table! We have talked not only with Saudi Arabia but also with Miami. There was also a proposal from Qatar. "

In the audio, the president of the federation, Rubiales, has said many insulting things about Atletico Madrid. PK also explained, "The words about Atletico are actually ... some of the jokes that people make on the streets are exaggerated." We were talking like that. Because it seems to me, that Rubiales is a Real Madrid supporter. '

He later retorted, "No matter what you say, it is illegal to leak audio." Anyone else who leaks such audio will feel that their rights are being violated. '