This time Manchester United lost to Atletico in the second round of the Champions League. At the age of 36, Cristiano Ronaldo's hopes of winning Europe's highest team title again in United's red jersey have not been fulfilled, at least this year.

This is not the end of frustration; The position of Manchester United in the Premier League this season, it is doubtful whether Ronaldo will play in the Champions League next season. United is currently sixth in the league.

The Red Devils will not play in the Champions League if they are in this position even at the end of the season. UEFA is changing the rules of the Champions League this time amid doubts about the participation of the most successful goal scorer of the Champions League!


UEFA may invite two guest clubs to play in the Champions League. The two clubs that have traditionally been successful and big, but have now lost their form and failed to qualify for the Champions League, may be invited to play in the Champions League as a guest club.

If such a rule is really introduced, then it is good news for Ronaldo. However, it is not so easy to get a chance in the United Champions League with the eyes closed once the rules are introduced.

The terms of this rule were discussed at the UEFA meeting. As a condition, the performance of the teams in the last five years has been given more importance. If a team has been fairly successful in the Champions League until exactly five years before the event in which the guest team will be taken, then they will be ahead to get a chance as a guest team.

In other words, if Chelsea, the 2021 winners, are eliminated from the top four in the league tomorrow in the race for a place in the Champions League, they will be given the opportunity to play as a 'guest' team. In this way, the performance of the previous five years will be given importance.

The proposal was made by UEFA General Secretary Giorgio Marchetti at a general meeting of the European Club Association (ECA) on Monday. However, it is estimated that this rule may take 2024. In other words, to play in the Champions League next season, Ronaldo must be in the top four anyway.