was sitting near Prague bar and another fan said to him that you're not fit to wear the shirt you should have left and published of fun Oh obviously but he said to me that's listen I I'm saying right now is it's the madness we need to get put your team member Marino's been cussing saying he wants investment what you Tino didn't even they won't even link to no one and he played better than us so what's our excuse what's our excuse 400 million spent and you 

want more money you're bluffing where do we go from here honestly where do we go can you see this can you see this getting worse I know you said Joe say I'll bite okay is this like what you see like see that you see that Chelsea season when everything was in place where we had a bad preseason we don't get the transfer target and I said in my previous the only thing missing from this looking like that last season edit Chelsea was having a bad start and we're now getting a bad start do you think it's the beginning of the inference listen us man get your passports ready it's a first day knighting Europa asked men with full fare you need to take time off work bro

 because we will just walk Barry bro what about time to get home from work bull town whistles done bro that's what what's men Russia you Becky standing Oh Rob I don't bro I've seen his videos and the thing is that were laughing but I'm saying yeah exactly bro you know I think we need to forget now we need to remember is no way you know me Friday we tried Moyes we tried all VG we tried Marino we need to go back to the map must be way what does mean to play man you play football he attacks you I'll do it I'll do it I'll do it but get someone who does nobody wait you said okay I said what I'm gonna make when my car left Barcelona Marina to wait for that

 Barcelona job you know and he had all the trophies but what you call his name Crais said this guy doesn't fit our philosophy and even for payment Pitbulls are no one you know look at pip now right United are held up around Augustine around the world for a certain type of football we need to go back to where means to play for Manchester United and play that way look that's what I think to be honest Marino I'm an Arsenal fan I brought my kids they need the whole family's 

united Mourinho was never the man for Man United it was everybody knew doubt everybody knew that everybody knows you don't don't don't panic don't panic because at the end of the day you're a big club you got the Glazer family behind you-you know he's not going to be here for long you know is is in the backgrounds you know what's coming signals coming

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