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Indian football's top superstar : Jeje Lalpekhlua
SOURCE Indian footballer Jeje Lalpekhlua, a live example of how big a breakthrough can be achieved through small efforts. In the last five years, there is a glimmer of the talent of the north-eastern states in the Indian game world, and it is a separate attraction from Jeje Lalpekhlua, who came from a small village of Mizoram. Jeje Lalpekhlua has also made curiosity among fans of the Indian football world because of its unique name. Jeje Lalpekhlua has blasted as a young superstar in domestic Indian Super League. Jeje Lalpekhlua, who retained his place in the Indian football team for the last eight years, is a good record against Pakistan. SOURCE Jeje Lalpekhlua is credited with making India the winner of the South Asian Football Championship twice. In international football, India has been ranked among the top 100 in more than 200 countries. Jeje Lalpekhlua's contribution to the first ever victory in India's 55 years in Asian Cup - Asia's most important football championship - has been crucial. Jeje Lalpekhlua's footballer's journey, which started from a small state like Mizoram, has today brought it to the top footballers' list of the country. Indian Super League, which started in football for some time, has not only given the money to the players, but this league has brought international biggies to Indian football. Due to this, the coaching system of the top footballing nations including Europe, the modern football game plan, and the fitness funda and workouts are directly benefited by the Indian footballers. And because of that, India is also seen in shining in international football. IF U LIKE THIS ARTICLE TOPICS THEN FOLLOW AND UPVOTES FOR NEXT PART- 2 THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG