Hi everybody! Today I would like to tell you my methods to lose weight through a diet that works and well, maybe you could try it and comment on this post if it is useful for you or not.

First of all, I would like to define “diet” as a strict meal regimen to reach a goal. We don’t have to understand “diet” like to eat less than before because it really does not work and in addition to that, it is something bad for our body ¿Do you know why? Because when our body feels that you eat less than before and you don’t eat enough good, you are hungry and if you are hungry, in the next meal, such as in the lunchtime or at breakfast, your body will demand you to eat more food than before in order to save it if you need it in a future occasion where you are hungry again, or maybe you will eat a lot at irregular times and that is not good either.

Thus, I will write some tips to lose weight through a diet:

1. A Good breakfast: you can eat some buns (bread with marmalade, biscuits, etc.) with a coffee or a cup of milk and if you want, drink a glass of orange juice. This meal is the most important of the day, so it must be full. Hours to do it: from 7 o’clock to 9.

2. Lunchtime: the advisable thing by nutritionists is to fill half of the plate with vegetables and the other with meats. However, I do not do it. Whatever I eat, I serve the food on a plate and try not to exceed that. Avoid eating bread or something that has flour. Hours: from 12 to 13:30.

3. Snack: you can eat something light, maybe a small caramel cookie or a simple sandwich (do not exceed a portion). To this kind of food, it is advisable that you should try to eat very little in case that it is something sweet, fatty or that has flour. Hours to do it: from 17:00 (5 pm) to 19 (7 pm).

4. Dinner: fruits or, in any case, you can omit this food or maybe you can eat fruits in your snack. What do I refer to when I said: “eat fruits”? Well, usually I buy two fruits: a pear and a banana, or an orange and an apple and I cut them into little parts and then, I eat them. It is important to know that you can eat whatever fruits you want, as long as you change the kind of fruits you eat every day during the week and that you eat at least two types of different fruits. Hours to do it: before you go to bed.

The important thing of having this diet is that you must comply the three or four daily meals in the same period of time every day. Important: eat nothing else of those 4 meals. That includes sweeties, sweet or salad things, etc. Absolutely nothing, not even tasting some products. Also, it is suggested to drink water (not frizzy drinks, juice, etc.) and accompany this diet with walks or rush around from 15 to 30 minutes a day (if you are going to start to walk as a physical activity, start with 5 minutes and then, you can walk more than before)

How did it come up?

Well, in the post I wrote introducing myself to the community, I had explained that I left to go to the gym for personal reasons (It was because of my not enough time) and thus, I gained 4 kilos of weight and a day talking with friends (medicine’s students), they explained to me what the meaning of having a diet is and how to lose weight.

Then, because I do not do a lot of physical activity, this diet is perfect to me. I lost almost 5 or 6 kilos strictly following it. After that, well, I was scared because I had lost a lot of weight and I had to get another diet in order to gain weight. That is my fault because I haven’t controlled my weight every week.

In conclusion, this diet is for people that walk. Obviously, if you do any another sport, this diet is not for you.

I hope this article is useful to you. Before long, I will be writing something about football. Thanks for reading this post.