Well, well, well... Sometimes winning is not all! Here we have one of those moments. Andrea was waiting for a sprint like this since 2015 when she set the old national record.

She did not win this race. She came fourth but we are all happy! Her time was 12.85s and her competition very strong in Zagreb this year.

She didn't do much in Berlin and was quite disappointed. Setting up a new record really made her ecstatically happy. In sports, as you know, only results count but records are right there beside them. :D

This is what she said immediately after the race:

"This is the end of the season. Everyone is tired. The track was wet and it was quite cold. I have surprised myself with the record. I was waiting for a good race like this since 2015. I am really proud and happy to set the new record at my favourite meeting. I was angry and disappointed after Berlin and now I feel awesome. I could say that some things could've been done better but I'll not complain since the record is here. The competition was motivating, I love running against fast girls!"

What about the future? What are you working on?

"I have a lot of strength in me, my reserves are far from depleted. I need to better my hurdling technique. this is a great innuendo to the new season."

US athlete Sharika Nelvis won the 100m hurdling race with (12.65s), the runner-up was Brianne McNeill (12.66s) also from the US.