Sandra Perković, the top Croatian athlete, wins another gold in discus throw! With a winning throw of 67.60m, she is back on the throne after losing to Perez in Bruxelles at the finals of the Diamond League. There is a big smile on her face again! She beat the runner-up Perez for almost 3m and bettered De Morais, who took the third place, for the entire seven. I mean - SEVEN METERS!

This development leaves us with a question. How comes she'd lost in Bruxelles and, to be honest, by an incredible almost 3m difference?

Lets first hear what she said after the meeting!

"You are probably used to my throws to over 70m but, believe me, it is not easy to do that distance. So, this 67,60m is really, really good. Good result. After my debacle in Bruxelles, it wasn't easy for me. Especially not here, in Zagreb, at my meeting. I arrived here as a loser of the Diamond League. Then a wet throwing circle waited for me here because it was raining the entire day. Luckily, it stopped just before the start. But, my fans gave me strength! Sometimes they complain but in a good way. They understand athletics. And I think them for arriving here in such a number."

What really happened in Bruxelles?

"I didn't want to talk about that but I will. Let me be fully honest. Yes, I came ill to the finals of the Diamond League. The whole week before I was quite bad. At one point my temperature was above 40C. I went to doctors but they only gave me a few pills and told me to drink tea, as if I work in the office and my colleague will fill in while I am at home. I got finals ahead of me, there is no option of staying at home. So, I went and gave my best, ill as I was. Trust me, if I was just a tad better than I was, I'd have thrown over 65m and would've won it. But, the body didn't allow it. I was suffering from depression for several days after the finals."

I'm genuinely happy she is back in the saddle. There is one more competition for this season. The Cup of Continents in Ostrava. As a curiosity, Sandra won her first real medal there back in 2007. It was a World Cup Tournament for young juniors. :)

I guess, there is still enough place for many gold medals we can hope for in this beautiful table!

Go, Sandra!

Please, read more about Sandra in my previous post about her, here:

Enjoy your day! :)