In sports competitions, sometimes the player succumbs to his ambitions and performs various tricks. While many of these tricks are doping, in sports correlation, we know all kinds of fraud, sportsmanship and we all know.

Athletes and athletes with Olympic Games shoes, athletes are becoming more and more ambition. Here are 5 world-famous athletes who made various tricks in the Olympics.

Boris Onishchenko - 1976

1976 Participating in the Montreal summer games The Russian athlete made a very cunning trick in the games and went into the history of Olympic sports. Click to evaluate the wax. The cheating alongside the fencer player who even won 2 silver and 1 gold medals with this gimmick, was later revealed and expelled from the competition.

Ben Jonhson - 1988

With a world-renowned 100-meter directive, Jonhson defeated his ambitions to have a suit of his own disregard, as did all the medals he won in the 1988 Olympic Games. Completing the 100-meter race with a 9.79 degree, the runner broke the world record in 1988 this year. However, Jonhson was a disgrace as an outrageous athlete all over the world.

Michelle Smith - 1996

Michelle was at the height of his career, winning 3 gold medals at the 1996 Olympic Games swimming. Swimmer accused of doping, urine testicles, doping was found. The medal was handed over to the athlete, his career also ended.

Marina Jones - 2000

At the 2000 Olympic Games, there were two bronze and 3 gold medals, one of which was the medal-winning woman. However, the tests in the urine of the athlete revealed that he used high doses of doping, and Jones had to hand over all the medals.

Cameron Van Der Burgh - 2012

2012 Olympic Games in London The gold medal cup in a 100-meter frog swimmer, South African swimmer Cameron, was built after the races were over. Cameron, who managed to break the world record in races with a rating of 58.46 seconds, did the dolphin kicking twice. However, the International Water Sports Federation did not give the athlete the penalty because he could not make the mistake earlier.