Today I'd like to explore the wide world of balls. There are different types of balls and am going to go over a few to widen your appreciation of spherical things that can smack you whilst playing things. I will be probably making "Balls" a series so am going to cover today, the origins and history of the........ DODGE BALL! I also will cover the evolution and innovations that have made these balls a part of our human experience.

Dodge it and throw it back harder, cat like reflexes are needed in this sport! (historydaily/facinating ball)

Does anyone remember in Gym class the fun of Dodge Ball? Getting pegged hard by the biggest kids was always a joy and of course we'd aim back at parts that got us in trouble. I was a very thin but athletically built girl so even though I was small my aim was on point and still pretty much is if I have to do some epic throws with "Special Snowflake"....our Pup! According to Wikipedia, Rebounderz and other sites, the ball of dodge originated in Africa a few hundred years back although am guessing the concept is much older. Whilst researching this a list of questions just pop up and an anon source stated the cross cultural origins of Dodge Ball! Now this is whack....

Ancient Dodgeball was played by opium-addicted Chinamen, who threw severed human heads at each other.The heads were mostly harvested from white people, who were disgusting and an anarchronism anyway. ... Modern Dodgeball was invented by Augustus Hagerson in Africa in 1832. Politically Incorrect info from Anon Internet Person, also the Mayans/Aztecs were into playing forms of football with human severed heads. I'm just throwing that last part in there. O.o
(Dodge this BALL! An accurate depiction of me throwing a ball! Giphy)

Dodge Ball in Africa was a big deal although it was seemingly NOT with human heads but with heavy object like rocks or such. That is good since it seems this concept of pegging people with things seemed to use a lot of human body parts. I for one am glad we've all come a long way to use these red bouncy rubber balls to take our existential angst our with!

Thank You for your support! It is appreciated and if you like to read about me writing about Balls, please leave a comment and also which type of Balls you'd like to see written about next!

You can do it! Wow look at that upper body strength I tough!