"Goooooooo Banana Slugs!"... Who doesn't love a lot of Barbie looking women who do moves and flips and just smile all the time? The world could be ending in a hostile U.F.O. takeover but they would still be grinning with those pearly whites. Although that's really not where most eyes go anyhow and come to think of it...... almost every Cheerleader I know aged like crap due to overtanning and are popping happy pills. Hmmmmm, how did this sport get started? Well, loosen your sweatpants cause off we go into Cheerleader World.

Nothing says "Go Team" and Patriotism like this does! Pixabay

The dates vary on when this actually started but the overall ballpark figure is somewhere in the 1800's. Although I think forms of it probably have existed for a long time in various ways. I'm thinking "Gladiator" types who may have done a little dance and thumbs down as people were eaten by Lions....but that's just me. The earliest cheerleaders were not actually poofy haired ladies but were in fact, MEN! Yes, you read that correctly that the sport that started as twinsies with Football was started by men. There is actually a hard time truly pinning down if it started in America or Great Britain. The general consensus is that what started to truly be modern Cheerleading was started by a super happy guy named Thomas Peebles who was a Princeton Graduate. As someone who comes from a family of Cheerleaders and was a Cheerleader for a very, very, very ,very short time I've come to loathe the sport while simultaneously being fascinated by it.

Hell Yes, I get sick of seeing Fembots....Bring IT! ...Giphy

Although most of us visualize Cheerleaders as a group of Gymnastic performing girls/womyn in Pyramids, the facts actually may change the stereotypes. I can tell you that size does matter in this sport and most Cheerleaders that are female actually have Gymnastic experience. In College Cheerleading, about half of all involved in the sport are actually male. A few of my friends were into this and were just much more outgoing and into the status quo then I was. A couple of my own "Bro Squad" were College level male Cheerleaders who also married Cheerleaders. They never seemed to be in a bad mood and I was the "Emo" one who wore a lot of black and had piercings. "To Each Their Own"!

Don't worry Guys, they totally will marry you for your sparkling personality and don't care what you look like or have in your wallet :) :) :)......giphy

I hope you enjoyed this and also didn't enjoy it just like I did making it! So "Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah" your way into the rest of your week and don't forget to smile.....ALWAYS :)