As time permits and such, I'm gonna start a Curation Project where posts that stand out will be featured. Sometimes stuff gets hidden or overlooked so maybe it can help a topic or new person get some eyes on their blog. The number will vary on how many are featured and the reward is a full UV from me. Some on this list may already have gotten their sugar (full uv) from me btw. :) still welcomed to comment cause I like making you happy!

My VP is at 100 and finally got some time to swim back into Scorum waters. Well, nobody can say things are boring lately! Okay onto the Posts!

Cheerleader Challenge below! (meme by me, thanks imgflip!)

👍 More sponsorship opportunities are presented to get the word out. If not on one project on others. Information like this is great because networking is pretty much how a lot of this works. It's a great initiative and who wouldn't want to see names they back on some baseballs!

💥 The long running and non wavering Moan Day initiative is still going strong. It gives a chance for people to get liquid SCR and especially for newer users, an incentive to stick around. I'm liking his comments on the opportunities presented by @baseball account as well. Good stuff!

☀️ Another long running initiative to nominate new users and help attract them that includes upvotes and support. Those of us who stayed through some really choppy waters consistently deserve our community support. The fact @sport-frei and @pete have been such troopers is pretty awesome.

🍀 Etson strikes again with a Grade A post that features videos, great and witty and insightful takes on the All Star weekend. Of course a lot of tributes to Kobe but also a lot of focus on the up and coming, Very nice read.

🌟 A nice longer post that's well constructed about teams most in America don't follow or know. It's cool to see what's hot around the world. Well done.

Onto some Cheerleading History... Did you know that in 1965 Yale barred women from being Cheerleaders so it was strictly dude central. Their rationale behind it was that it was for current undergrads only and it wasn't until 1969 that the first Yale female Cheerleaders were allowed. Now everytime I think Yale, I think secret societies and Skull and Crossbones, maybe they were REALLY into Fraternal bonding, lol. So much for Cheerleading being strictly a 'girls' sport as it originated all male to start out with.

You Can Do It (giphy)

Here is the challenge/fun contest! In the comments below tell us which teams Cheerleading squad is your favorite. The funniest/sexiest/ weirdest etc.... will get a surprise bonus. Spread the love, Spread Sportsballs! :)