April was a wacky month and full of uncertainty. I decided since pretty much everything was closed that I'd start a farm so I did. The days of being cool on crowded hiking and walking trails was over at that time and I started growing FOOD. There were worries of supply line shortages and cabin fever set in so we got bought a ton of stuff , borrowed some other stuff and started growin' from seed. Get shredded, grow food, get your workout in and no social distancing needed! :)

@battleaxe photo/intellectual property/ Green Bean Party! Get shredded and eat healthy

🏃‍♀️How this can be an exercise routine........ Start with planting seeds, you have to lift soil bags and move them all around so your arms will get sore then you will get ripped. Digging holes and rows to plant some things work your shoulders (at first it can get really sore so don't overdo it). Your abs will get nice and sexy because you are burning calories constantly weeding, squatting to harvest and plant etc. Your legs get toned by repeatedly walking and at times running to chase off squirrels, birds etc. 🏃‍♀️

Who needs to do Brazilian Booty Squats when tons of making a good farm/garden includes squatting to get stuff centered and to pick off pests if you are wanting it organic. Amazon and other online retailers have everything you need to start your way to wellness and way to grow the foods you want without having to get overcharged or wrap up like an astronaut to go to the market.

I'm so fancy, ignore my oh so dirty hands cause I actually WORK it, here's fruit of athletic gardening (you will tone up guaranteed) Behold a Radish that I'm holding over the Turnip section because just looked cool. Photo property of @battleaxe

If anyone wants tips, help or wants to chat about gardening drop me a line in discord or on here. You can't eat money and with a lot of Gyms still closed the effort it takes to make a pound of food is equivalent to about a million gazillion resistance bands sessions! Stay well and healthy peeps. Before really getting into the dirt or making compost piles to drag into the plots just warm up like you would for a regular workout and maybe put some Citronella spray around ;)