I grew up going to a fair amount of sporting events and there were the big three in sporting cuisine. Peanuts, Popcorn and of course Hot Dogs. Hot Dogs are a lot like politics and most things in life, you really don't want to know the gross process behind how they are made. It is just the end result of shoving a salty and fat filled meat tube into your piehole as people do the sportsballs. Hot Dogs are linked to tons of health problems as America's obesity problem is well documented, so the irony of what is sold at sporting events is rather humorous if you are a bit twisted. Speaking of twists, super salty and gigantic pretzels are also a staple in many games. Gooooo Team Chronic Illnesses! :( Nobody wants a freaking apple and vegan burger that tastes like crap at these events though..... Nothing is as American as Football/Baseball AND HOT DOGS!!!


Coney Island is often said to be the birthplace of this delicacy but through years of intense food research it would seem that it may in fact have rather ancient sausage origins. It was a food of the common folk, bits of fat and meat scraps mixed lovingly into the ubiquitous "Dachsund" shape that has remained rather unchanged to this day. All Beef hot dogs are touted as healthier and some are uncured which removes some of those nasty nitrates that ruins many a date night. "Viagra ads always say to be VERY careful using those pills if you take nitrates and I'd say if you eat a lot of cheap hot dogs you should be very careful. You could wind up having to explain to your doctor why your blood pressure is wonky and your priapism made your womyn leave you!"

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Fun Facts about the Hot Dog and Sports History...

Harry Stevens who invented the modern day scorecard, brought this gourmet glob to New York in the very early 1900's and perhaps others did before that.

Stevens was a showman and in an interview in something called a newspaper he said this, "“Baseball crowds are great consumers of hot dogs, peanuts and bottled drinks,” he said. “Heavier food is popular at race tracks. Prizefight crowds go in for mineral waters, near-beer and hot dogs. A boxing crowd is also a great cigar-consuming crowd. Chocolate goes well in spring and fall, but the hot dog is the all-year-round best seller.” New York Daily News

Different parks pride themselves on making all kinds of fun and even healthier options of Hot Dogs. Some go on size and girth and the infamous foot longs make even the hungriest fan almost blush from the gluttonous proportions! Some are smeared with mayo or filled with cheese which seems extra game enhancing when you couple it with some large beers and lots of screaming people. Even if they are not health food, they are fun and are a historical food that is super yummy. Medical Disclosure.... "Everything in Moderation including Moderation!"

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