Hello, how are you today? I figure I'll probably start doing more on here besides curating because why not? This platform isn't done even if the leaders are in the Cayman Islands or Iceland shoving dollar bills in Luxury Ladies G-strings at the moment. :P

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Here is my top 5 list of the bad gals of Sports. I already see a bit of new action on here from a couple of friends. Good, it's our platform now, bwahahahahahaahahaha!

  1.  1976 East German Women's Swim Team. Back when Germany was split in half.  The women were roided out and stripped of their medals , they later got them back because it was without their consent they were fed drugs.  (shit coach amirite?)
  2. Tammy Thomas!  Another roidette, Anabolic Steroids found in her system...she was a cyclist and got busted for too much T.  She also was part of a larger drag net.  I guess people will do anything to be first place, so stupid.  Now, she is banned for life from the sport and may or may not have a beard. shrugs not drugs!
  3. Track and field/ Marion Jones.  Yet another performance enhancer who in 2000 was found to have loved that juice.  She was banned from the Beijing Olympics in 2008 from competing as well.  
  4. Caster Semenya -  Tested and had three times the amount of T of a normal woman. I see a theme here.  Why can't women just compete as is?  Our bodies are different and the fact we usually don't like to start wars or throw logs around or physically can't means nothing in the scheme of things.  Perhaps that's why I was so into Archery/Sports Shooting/Skill games,  I'm small and prefer to stay that way thank you very much.
  5. Guess who is at the top of this totally subjective heap of BAD GIRLS OF SPORTS!  You will get a full UV and 10 SCR for the right answer. 
2020 Year that America becomes Greaterer and Funner! Giphy . SCORUM 2.0 , This time we run the ship

Link to groovy site that helped me write this charming list. It gives away the winning spot too, so be fast! If you know of other bad girls of sports please educate me and I'll probably give you prizes as well. Free Monies! https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/female-athletes-banned-sports#slide-4