There are womyn on here. It's cool to be in an era where women can use the interwebs as well. It gives me a break from doing yoga or eating entire pints of Ben and Jerry's because I look at CoinGecko too much! There are many wonderful female athletes. Some are amazing Gymnasts, some are Ninjas and some are Basketball players. I personally love Women's Wrestling due to the cultural enrichment but I digress..... The first 5 to leave a comment with a Female Athlete get an Upvote of varying degrees. Some of you are getting greedy, so stop giving me shitty upvotes then scooping up every contest. Be cooler than that, for some that's impossible....for others it is possible. DREAM BIG and SCORUM ON!

I believe in Pom Poms.....pixabay
I detect a level of non Team Spirit...bring out the Gimp and bullwhips! ....giphy

I know Cheerleaders are hot. A lot of women in sports are not cheerleaders. You are free to leave Cheerleaders or not because it's the internet. Let's make Scorum one cent again! TEAM SPIRIT :)

America's Sweetheart off Giphy ,