Very soon in the capital of Belarus, Minsk will be held the first ever Europe-USA Athletics match.

The teams of Europe and the United States announced their compositions on the eve of the match, which will be held in Minsk on September 9-10.

Among the European stars: 2017 world champions Pavel Faydek, Ramil Guliyev, Maria Lasitsken, Sandra Perkovich and Ekatarini Stefanidi, 2018 European champions Arman Duplantis, Paulina Guba, Michal Kharatik, Elvira German, Wojciech Novitsky, Paraskevi Papahruer, Thomas Rasol , Justina Sventi-Ersetić and Mmltiadus Tentoglu.

The hostess of the competition - Belarus - was guaranteed 10 places in the European team, and the Belarusian squad includes Elvira German in 100m s / b, the current U20 world champion Karina Taranda and the European silver medalist Maxim Nedosekov, as well as former European champion Tatyana Kholodovich in javelin throwing.

Among the outstanding names in the American team are the current Olympic champions Michelle Carter and Brianna McNeil, as well as multiple world title holders Allison Felix and Brittney Reese. In Minsk, Felix will perform at a distance of 400m, which allowed her to become the world champion in 2015.

The male US team includes many athletes who have recently become national champions who are preparing for the upcoming Doha World Cup: Craig Engels, Hillary Bohr, Jeron Robinson, Sam Mattis and Conor McCulloch.

The match - a competition of four athletes on each side in individual forms and two teams in relay races - will be the first meeting of two athletics teams.

The full composition of Europe.

The full composition of USA.

Infographics: BELTA

The participants are not only titled, but also beautiful. Here are some of them:

Marina Beh-Romanchuk (Ukraine)

Type of sport: long jump.

Regalia: silver medalist of the European Championship (2018), champion of the II European Games (2019).

Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova (Belarus)

Type of sport: long jump.

Regalia: bronze medalist of the World Cup (2011), two-time silver medalist of the II European Games (2019).

Yulia Levchenko (Ukraine)

Type of sport: high jump.

Regalia: silver medalist at the World Cup (2017).

Alexandra Bell (UK)

Sport: 800m

Regalia: Finalist of the Commonwealth Games.

Sandra Perkovich (Croatia)

Sport: discus throw.

Regalia: two-time Olympic champion (2012, 2016), two-time world champion (2013, 2017), five-time European champion (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018).

Maria Lasitskene (authorized neutral athlete from Russia)

Type of sport: high jump.

Regalia: two-time world champion (2015, 2017), European champion (2018).

Nikola Ogorodnikova (Czech Republic)

Type of sport: javelin throwing.

Regalia: silver medalist at the European Championship (2018).

Elvira German (Belarus)

Type of sport: 100m hurdles.

Regalia: European Champion (2018).

Karina Demidik (Belarus)

Type of sport: high jump.

Regalia: U-20 World Champion (2018).

Irina Zhuk (Belarus)

Type of sport: pole vaulting.

Regalia: silver medalist in the European Team Championship (2017).

Team USA

Jasmine Todd (Arizona)

Type of sport: long jump.

Regalia: silver medalist at the World Cup (2015).

Quanesh Burks (Alabama)

Type of sport: long jump.

Regalia: champion of the championship of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (2015).

Keira Sea Brown (Virginia)

Sport: 800m

Regalia: winner of the Diamond League stage in London (2018).

Jasmine Blocker (Louisiana)

Sport: 400m

Regalia: finalist of the U.S. Championship (2019).

Alison Felix (California)

Sport: 400m

Regalia: six-time Olympic champion (2008, 2012, 2016), eleven-time world champion (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2017).