September 1st 2017, Podbrdo Slovenia

25th Mountain Run Podbrdo - Črna prst 


  • constantly uphill
  • length 6.3 kilometers
  • 1,320 meters of vertical climb
  • record time is 47 minutes and 46 seconds, set by Peter Lamovec

Among other things, I also produce BIB numbers for the recreational events. I am putting these on display here on Scorum as they are produced. At the same time, I promote the events they are printed for.

The #bibnumbers series in 2018

001: 25th Mountain Run Podbrdo - Črna prst, 01.09.2018
002: 14th Bicycle Marathon Vurberk 2018, 12.08.2018
003: Kanalski krog, 12.08.2018