Do you know what Yasso Exercise is? 

You do! Excellent!

You don't! Well, I will save my personal explanation for a future article. Right now I will provide you with a link to the official explanation and history of this intriguing workout.

In gist - Yasso 800 is a 10x800 meters interval exercise with jogs in between. When done in a constant tempo from first to the last repetition, it can predict your marathon finishing time on a race day.

The inventor and the genius behind the idea is Bart Yasso. Hence the name.

Bart Yasso (source)


This is my idea, I think. Since the full Yasso applies well to the marathon, what about doing half-length repetitions and applying them to half marathon race? Can this be true?

It might. And I will do just that in next hour.

10x400m Intervals

The plan:

  • 2K easy run warmup on the outer lane of the track,
  • 10x400 meters intervals - one lap of the track in 2 minutes (tempo 5 min/km or 30 seconds for 100 meters),
  • slow jog for 200 meters in between laps,
  • 4 laps around the football field barefoot for the cooldown.

That's it. It will be an easy and slow run as you can see from the tempo. Altogether, it will amount to some good 8 kilometers.

Since it is 32 degrees Celsius outside and there is no shadow on the track, this exercise will be a task for the body and mind.

Wish me luck and write you later this evening with the report.

Let's do this Half-Yasso!