First i would never believed that when i see that news.. I thought it was a joke or something like that.. But when i made some researches i got really interested and digged again..

There is not something certain but i believe he is fast.. Let's meet with Srinivasa Gowda.. You can find his name in all over the internet and he became competitor to world record holder Usain Bolt!

Gowda is a buffalo racer and he ran 142 mt. in 13.62 seconds.. In their buffalo races they have 100 metres course which covered with water on bottom. The racer holds two buffalos and run with them.. If you do the math, if he could run 14 mt in 13.62 sec. he would run 100 mt in 9.55 seconds.. And as we all know Usain Bolt's world record is 9.58 seconds!

India's sports minister Kiren Rijiju has responded after he heard about Gowda and promised that he would bring him for testing in Sports Authority of India.. I really want to watch him in the next olympics.. If he joins and runs good, he could be a new brandmark in atletism..

I made quick video about it and try to explain him.. Hope you like it.. Thank you..