Kenenisa Bekele shared his amazing moment of his extraordinary running career so far in his short documentary made by NN Running Team.

After 16 years,he still the greatest distance runner of all time.

"Really you know there is no tactic in marathon. Somebody say there is tactics,you need to do tactical.If you don't prepare well in marathon,tactics you know, are nothing in marathon."

"The only thing is you have to focus, you have to think you know, how to maintain your pace and keep together with the with the first group.In the end, if you are not strong enough, if you don't prepare well tactic's cannot work. Tactic, stay with you behind, you know."

"Maybe sometimes I have the capacity to run very fast time, let's say like i miss by 2 second at Berlin last year. That was tactical maybe. If I, you know, think before and prepare mentality, I could break that records. But really, you know maybe tactics work if you are close in that way. On the other hand, if you are very far away from the record or a really strong competitor, there is no tactic at all.

Of course I have capacity. 2 second is really nothing. I have confidence. I am confidence to break that record you know.The only thing I have to be healthy and prepare well. I don't have any doubt about that.

I want to be in front. Of course it is a race, you know. You never know what is going on during the race. There are many things you can face, but I want to be in front.

Athens Olympic 2004, I remember this. race on 10,000m, I won this race. My first olympic. I was very hungry, so I got it, you know. It is really amazing and opened my future, this race. It was really great race, a great time. Running against each other, Haile Gebrselassie and Sihine, representing the flag, Ethiopian.