When the world saw a wonder athlete in 2011, he could not believe his eyes. The young girl who had just entered the international adult level was not at all traditional for 800 and 1500 meters runners. Caster Semenya was the physique of a strong young man, and facial features, hairstyle - everything was against her and absolutely did not fit in the head of an ordinary person, that this athlete is a female. She came and blew up the entire athletics world with her physical data, and she also began to stamp victories and higher-order medals. Naturally, it could not touch her and check for gender, too resonant was the case that formed a whole clan of haters athletes.

The passed test proved that she is a woman who has a rare disease - an elevated level of testosterone, the so-called hyperandrogenism syndrome. Evil tongues fell silent, but hid for a new cast. They were haunted by the fact that Semenya is invincible: at the moment she is a two-time Olympic champion, a two-time world champion. In addition, some athletes also expressed dissatisfaction with what they have to compete with the natural anomaly.

They returned to Caster in 2019 and now made a final decision: it is forbidden for her to compete at distances of 800 and 1500, which are her crown and are allowed to participate at 3000 meters, where the testosterone level has little effect.

Caster Semenya has a month to file an appeal. But for now, she publishes motivating pictures with wise quotes on her social media pages: “They laugh at me because I am different from them, and I laugh at them because they are all the same.”