Kento Momota dan Yuki Fukushima

Two Japanese badminton players, Momota Kento and Yuki Fukushima were recently approached with bad news.

Two bad guys who were ranked first in the world in their respective sectors were suspected of spending a night together.

Reported by from, the two bad guys were suspected after CCTV footage showed Yuki Fukishima leaving Momota's room.

What was reflected on the camera was the emergence of Fukushima out of Momota's room, "the dormitory official said.

Note of the Kota Momota Scandal, One of the Only with the Women's Doubles of Japan

7 Portrait of Yuki Fukushima, Japanese Women's Doubles Involved in Scandal with Momota Kento.

Kento Momota Ever Caught to Flirt with This Figure, Before Stumbling With a Japanese Women's Double Scandal.

The news also came to Indonesia and made netizens on social media react.

One of the netizens even supports and asks them to immediately justify to a serious level.

"The taller the tree, the stronger the wind hit. The higher the popularity, the greater the temptations and temptations. Yo wes, just copied momota and neng fukushima," wrote the account @riskytha_momanissa."

"His name is also human ... has passion," wrote the @dzikrifyan account."

"What do you think they are doing ?? hmm ...," wrote the @cece_intheri account."

" ... This must have happened," wrote the @ _r. Hidayat account."

"Welh-welwh who is patient with Mr. Kento ... bad gossip if it's not true," wrote the @ivy_cullens account."

"It's ok, min, the name is also a young man," wrote the @mustajabcholil account."

"If I'm talking yes ... they are suitable," write the account @ dyah0694."

This news has been aired on with the title Suspicious Momento Kento Spending Night with Yuki Fukushima, Netizens: Yo Wes Dihalalin Aja.

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