Each year new gymnasts move to the junior ranks into the senior category and get to measure themselves against the best of the best in national or international competitions.

Caterina Gaddi, from Italy, has great routines on beam, floor and uneven bars. The latter is perhaps her best event, her 2023 routine was full of the very difficult in-bar skills, that are highly rewarded in D-scores, and that allow her to become junior world champion on this event.

Germany's Helen Kevric is one of the few new senior gymnasts who can perform a double twisting Yurchenko vault, which is an advantage to score well in all around competitions. She also has good uneven bars, beam and floor routines, with floor being the one that can get her the highest scores.

Jayla Hang (USA) also does a double twisting Yurchenko vault , which gets her great height and execution marks. Her uneven bars routine has some in-bar skills also, and plenty of room to connect some of her elements to get an even higher D-score. Her beam has a couple of uncommon skills that very few other gymnasts do and on she has enough difficulty and artistry on floor to allow her to win a medal in international competitions.

Anna Kalmykova has 2 vaults, so she can qualify for vault finals; she also has a good uneven bars set and some good beam. Her floor is not only packed with loads of difficulty, but she could also easily increase it. The only complication is that she competes for Russia, and she could only be eligible to compete at the upcoming Olympics, if she agreed to compete as an "individual neutral athlete" without any involvement or association with the Russian Federation or its National Federations or National Olympic Committee and go via the World Cup route.

Simone Rose comes from the same country, and gym, than Jayla Hang; she has high-flying skills on uneven bars and beam. As her teammate, she has great artistry, which is best displayed on floor, where she performed the role of "Medusa" (from Greek Mythology).

Nakamura Haruka is arguably the most exciting gymnast from Japan who is turning senior this year. She is not only a well rounded all around gymnast but she is the only female junior gymnast who had a skill named after her on uneven bars in 2023. She is also performing one of the most difficult releases on uneven bars, called the Hristakieva.

You can see all of the above gymnasts and the skills mentioned in the above video.