Athletes body types usually vary depending on the particular sport and as well the kind of training they undergo.

Take basketball for example, players are usually very tall and long-limbed whereas a wrestler's upper body usually contains muscle while a fencer on the other hand normally carry more muscle in the lower part or their bodies. There are just different body sizes depending on the kind of sport an athlete is participating.

1. Cyclists

The first athletes that came to my mind when cooking up this post are cyclists. They normally have very thick and strong legs and quads especially at the upper part of their bodies which is proportionately much smaller than the lower part. Their legs normally contain a lot of muscles due to the training they undergo which is aimed at giving more strength to their legs.

2. Arm Wrestlers

Looking at the picture above, can you just see how different the arm wrestler's arm sizes are? Aren't they obviously different in sizes and shape? Of course they are

The reason behind this is because they focus more on building and training around their dominant hand neglecting the weaker hand which ends up creating different arm sizes.

3. Wrestlers

Just as arm wrestlers focus on their arms, wrestler on the other hand always focus more on building the upper part of their bodies so that they can immobilize their opponents. They do a lot of training that will build a very strong back and muscular upper bodies so that they can grip their opponents and pin them to the ground. The reason why most wrestlers look like Jonny Bravo 😁

4. Marathon Runners

They don't need to have any muscle and that's why most of them look very skinny. The lighter their weight the more length they can travel during a race. The reason why most professional marathon runners look very skinny and haggard

5. Body Builders

Body building is one of those sports some people consider as the unhealthiest sport on the planet. In fact, a lot of rash assumptions has been made by uneducated bystanders that body building is not a sport. There's no doubt that body building is a sport that enables athlete to use all sort of drugs and undergo rigorous training to build their muscles.

These are just the few I can think of. Please if you have anyone in mind, you can add it in the comment section

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