The Ukrainian nationalists have found a new victim. She was another athlete. This time they attacked the athlete Yaroslav Maguchikh. They didn't like the fact that she was celebrating her success by hugging Olympic champion Maria Lasitskene.

What is the essence of the conflict and the run over of the nationalists on the athlete

Sport should be outside of politics. A Ukrainian woman, a native of Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepr - now), fought with a Russian woman for the Olympic gold. She conceded and won bronze. During the award ceremony, the athletes hugged each other and congratulated each other on the medal of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As we can see, a simple, ordinary situation that caused a death throes among the nationalists and the feeble-minded Farion.

The reaction of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Svoboda party Irina Farion or insults against Yaroslava Maguchikh

This lady believes that sports, religion, the personal life of citizens are all politics. Say, a girl who went to international competitions must observe certain "limits of decency". Irina Farion believes that the athlete had no right to hug her rival from Russia. Since Maria is a representative of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Yaroslava herself is a military man. Ira believes that the athlete is a traitor to Ukraine. She called Russians and Ukrainians one people. Thus, as if repeating the opinion of Putin. Farion did not stop and began to directly insult the person who glorifies Ukraine by getting Olympic medals for the country. She called Yaroslava Maguchih biological waste. At the same time, she openly stated that the IOC must necessarily withdraw the medal won by the athlete. After such words, you really understand that this lady is not doing well with her head. She urgently needs to contact the appropriate medical specialist and undergo a course of treatment.


The situation here is no less complicated.


They say Yaroslava began to hug the captains of the RF Armed Forces, being a sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He named Lasitskene as Putin's confidant. Thus, he recognized that sport in Ukraine is beyond humanity.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine represented by Deputy Minister Anna Malyar

First, Anna Malyar clarified that Yaroslava is not a sergeant, but a junior lieutenant. Yes, she serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, the Olympic Team of Ukraine included 60 military personnel. The painter believes that simple hugs of athletes can serve as a psychological weapon for enemies.

Defenders of the sportswoman Yaroslava Maguchikh

First of all, the girl was supported by the Ukrainian karateka, Stanislav Goruna, who became the winner of the 2020 Olympics. The guy did not hesitate and, using foul language, responded to the attacks of the Natsiks, who sent them to a well-known address with their “smelling” politics. He pointed out that a moment on the podium is very expensive. The medal consists of sweat, blood, and the tremendous effort of an athlete. Accordingly, there is no need to talk about any "zrada". After this statement, an avalanche of slops poured into the karateka.

Boris Filatov - mayor of Dnipro

Everyone knows that Yaroslava Maguchikh was born and raised in Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk). The mayor of the city said that the girl can safely return to her hometown. She is expected as a real hero of Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepr). He pointed out that the authorities and residents of the city will not give offense to their compatriots. Yaroslava will be under the protection of the city authorities and its inhabitants.

Instead of an epilogue, as you have to wait for the continuation of the story

Ultimately, Yaroslava turned out to be a target for all Ukrainian nationalists. She, who won the Olympic medal, became a traitor and a person who has no place in Ukraine. Kiev does not need sportsmen. Moreover, those who embrace the Russians speak the language of the “enemy” and believe that we are one people. Now Yaroslava was summoned from the Ministry of Defense for a "conversation". Here you need to think about who needs "political asylum", the athlete of Belarus Timanovskaya or the Olympic medalist, the athlete of Ukraine - Yaroslav Maguchikh !!! It is a pity that dementia is becoming a national heroism.