The scandal around the athlete of Belarus Kristina Timanovskaya erupted like a bolt from the blue. The athlete said that she was forcibly returned to her homeland. As a result, you need to try to figure out whether Timanov's victim or it is a deliberate political manipulation.

The beginning of the scandal involving Timanovskaya

During the Olympics, the NOC of Belarus had problems in the athletics field. An athlete coach is forced to make decisions that are somewhat unpopular for athletes. In particular, Timanovskaya was announced at 4 * 400 meters. This despite the fact that she had to run 200 meters.

Then the fun begins. The NOC of Belarus said that after Christina was announced for another competition, she began to be very indignant. A psychologist was sent to her, who said that the athlete had an unstable psychological and emotional state. Accordingly, he made a recommendation to withdraw the application and let Timanovskaya go home. She was supposed to fly to Minsk together with other representatives of the delegation, who completed their business in Tokyo.

In the end, everything turned out not as it should have turned out. Timanovskaya began to actively resent the fact that she was removed from the 200-meter distance and put on a 4 * 400 competition. She expressed everything she thinks about the leadership of the national team, the coaching staff, and so on. She does not hide her displeasure.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that she is being filmed. After that, she goes to the airport and refuses to fly to Minsk. Timanovskaya asked for POLITICAL asylum, as she is allegedly being threatened. They say she is under pressure and oppressed in every possible way. Allegedly, there is a threat to her life and health upon returning to Minsk.

Public reaction

First of all, the IOC, Japan and representatives of other countries of the World immediately joined. The International Olympic Committee took the athlete under its wing. They indicated that she remained at the airport under the protection of the Japanese authorities.

Immediately, a lot of countries began to say that they are ready to provide her with a visa. The first was the Czech Republic. No wonder. Then it was rumored that Christina would fly to Paris. As a result, she receives a Polish visa and flies to Warsaw. Again, there is nothing surprising from the word "absolutely".

Threats or manipulations?

Three aspects speak in favor of the political point of view:

1) even mother Natalya Nikolaevna says that she does not see a threat to the life and health of her daughter, she did not violate the law of Belarus;

2) Tikhanovskaya instantly supported the athlete, which gives the conflict a political aspect;

3) Polish Foreign Minister Pshydach indicated that the girl was not only given a visa, but also helped to build a further sports career. Besides this, they say that she received a certain amount of "lifting" money.

If you analyze all aspects, then it becomes clear that the situation was provoked and prepared even before the start of the Olympic Games. But, unfortunately for the Western commanders. They were able to buy only Timanovskaya, which is not yet a world-class sports star. The Belarusian athletes themselves are glad that she left the location of the national team. They believe that the atmosphere will be many times better than before.

Political scientist Dzermant and deputy Vitaly Utkin are right when they talk about a 100% provocation. The action is planned. Now it is worth really thinking about how to counteract Western aggression, which is beginning to manifest itself in sports, but not in wrestling.