COVID-19 has touched most industries on Earth, from the hospitality sector to the banking industry. An industry, sector and pastime that has been massively burned by the pandemic is the sports industry.

Statista, an online statistics website, has information that puts the blow to sports that COVID-19 has delivered.

Some stunning statistics from the report include:

$450 million lost at the NBA gate

$867 million lost due to cancellation of March Madness

$17 million lost per school SEC

Those stunning statistics also include over 11,000 athletes impacted by the delayed Olympics, and millions lost from Nascar. Every industry was impacted.

Another aspect to take into account is loss of gym capitol. The prominent gym, 24-hour fitness, along with thousands of locations have shut down as overall movement and fitness have declined due to lockdowns. Americans are heavier and more unhealthy than before, and the gym industry has been decimated. We are losing the opportunity to naturally fight COVID-19 with improved fitness. Arizona has shut down gyms for the next 30-days as well, making more defaults probable.

In addition, schools and colleges will not be opening like they have before, and many closed during baseball and track season. Children are missing out on chances to win scholarships and take leadership roles that will positively impact them for life.

COVID-19 has cost the sports industry billions. It is high time we take stock of sports we love and ask our elected officials to help. We cannot let the industry go under.


Image from Pixabay.

Statista report:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's article on the future technology that will empower athletes as the pandemic rages on.