More and more the world of sports continues to be loved and adored all over the world. The sparkle and excitement touch the whole society. And on the other hand, the sport also continues to improve and improve. Call it the use of VAR in the world of football.

A few weeks ago, Zohri was nobody. No one is interested to find out about it on the internet. But in recent days, all Indonesians are proud of one young person. With its simplicity, Zohri managed to bring Indonesia's name to the world.

Last week without much in the know, Zohri left for Finland to take the 100m world championship for 20 years. In Tampere Arena, Finland, this young man from NTB tried to lift the name of Indonesia with his talent.

He became the fastest, beating the American runners Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison who both recorded a time of 10.22 seconds. Zohri's achievements are clearly impressive.

But just after the match began, the world was stunned by Zohri's speed. Unexpectedly he darted with a very swift clearance. He defeated flagship runners from America and Jamaica. He managed to bring the name of the Indonesian nation on the world scene. The Universe manifests his dream.