The Military Sports Elite (AESP) program is a new initiative launched by donating 1.4 million pounds of G4S after the 2012 Olympic Games and the London Games. The army joined UK Sport (UKS), the English Sports Institute (EIS) (NIS) to advance the AESP with the specific purpose of identifying athletes who have the opportunity to think about the programs. Olympic Games 2020 and VCD. .The British Army has expanded its Elite Sport program to discover and develop more British Olympic athletes to win medals within their ranks. Richard Wyeth approached and spoke with Major General Shaun Burley, Director of the Army Sports Control Board to learn more ...

The result of the program is very positive, and every player in the UK is appreciating it, receiving donations and then promoting sports. It's the best idea, I think that in this way many medals can reach the British side. then the best of luck and it is a great program to look for the best athetes, but here there is a great contribution of donations. The elite sports program of the army is a great program in this race.

it is very difficult qnd hard to find, and Identifying and confirming the future potential will always be extremely difficult, but the this programe  now is big way  a route for Army athletes and player  that previously could not be considered for traditional national recruitment campaigns due to the nature of military service that limits access to military services. NGB tracks for the WCD program. now they have great chance to join it,, get big advantage with this programe, it is great opportunity for those army athletes now they are not in army service, and can join this . 

I think everyone in life practices sports but in the army at some point, due to the hard rules, we have to leave sports in the army, but now I think it is the best opportunity, for every military man who loves sports and wana does some things for his country

A total of 48 successful athletes have been selected as follows:

I will ask all the armies of the countries that should start the same program also in their countries for the promotion of sports and players if they now leave the service.

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