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Learn sports visualization or mental essay💪
Introduction: The morning exercise will keep your body healthy and stimulate your success we often find that we are too busy to exercise our lives are so full of activities that we are often completely depleted at nightfall then because Not trying to exercise before anything else exercise is vitally important to keep our bodies healthy, so it's a great idea to make room in our lives the morning exercise should be fundamental in your daily rituals Because it will help you make more creative and recipient of wealth and prosperity exercising is a magical habit because it helps your personal growth, adopts the present no matter how hard you are, wherever this in your life right now is the perfect time to have CER exercise Content Now there is a powerful tool that will teach you today is called the power of Visualization or mental essays used by many professional athletes, because it helps a lot when you face situations of decisive competitiveness to win the Competition, or it takes a point to classify, or a raund more to derive my adversary, what we have to do is imagine these situations and we are doing well, while we feel relaxed and safe, we must practice in our mind what We will do in this situation then we repeat the situations until we feel safe ourselves that if we do well to be a winner. Example Let's look at an example where I as an athlete use it to train and learn new moves. Here in this video I visualize of making funds and abdominals with a circuit and that as I was not sure, visualize in my mind as I would my movement, several times, making me go well because before I had not done. Another example we see this video of my partner who practises the music, I use it to learn a new movement, going over in his brain before doing it actually In this video to make such movements the before I practiced several times the movement in his brain and making the movement with total security and no failure as you see in the video Now you have learned this wonderful technique that will help you to be a better athlete. You can Conclusion: You can also use this technique to visualize your ideal life., your dreams and your goals, for example if you want to write a good content in your blog visualize yourself feeling inspired and writing cheerfully on your desktop and do not forget to thank such Result. The affirmation and visualization are powerful tools, visualize the life of your dreams and hold on to yourself the action you want to take to make it happen then to do sport visualizándote how you will do it and believe it is OK it will be easier to get it. Letting it go and moving in the direction you want doesn't happen all of a sudden it's all a process and time and the energy and effort you put into that thing and that energy comes back. Now I would like to ask you friend reader you have applied the visualization technique in your life and as it helped you better, I would like you to share it in the comments to learn your example as well. To finish I invite you to subscribe to my blog so you do not miss my upcoming publications, successes. Repeat with me: I use my visualization to feel safe

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