indonesia's best badminton player GREGORIA MARISKA TUNJUNG

Indonesia sent seven female players to defeat Vietnam, they were Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, Fitriani, Ruselli, Mahadewi Istarani / Apriyani Rahayu, Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti / Ribka Sugiarto.

Gregoria will be dealing with Nguyen Thuy Linh.

fitriani vs vu thi trang

Ruselli met with Tran Thu Phuong

mahadewi / apriyani vs dinh thi phuong / pham thi khanh

for the perfection of the match you can see here.

who will take the title of king in this tournament cup ...?

that's the mystery that we will analyze, who from which country ...?

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