Badminton Material - This badminton or badminton game is very popular as well as soccer. But unlike football, the game of badminton has a dominant motion between the legs and arms. The movement then makes certain techniques to be able to play the racket as well.

Badminton is a racquet sport in which two people play for a single game. Or for multiple games using two opposite pairs.

This sports game is similar to tennis. Badminton or badminton aims to hit the ball game called kok or shuttlecock. Kok was beaten so that he passed through the net so that it fell in the designated playing field of the opponent.

And players try to prevent opponents from doing the same. This time we will convey the badminton material starting from the game rules and also the techniques in the badminton game itself completely.

Badminton Field Material

Badminton court has a rectangular shape and is limited by the net to separate between the area of ​​the game itself and also the game area of ​​the opponent. With the size of a field length of 13, 40 meters that can be used for single or multiple parties.

Has a width of 6, 10 meters for a double party and a size of 5.18 m if used for a single party. The lines have a thickness of 40 mm and the color must be contrasted with the color of the field.

Same net size for single and double:

• Net height: 1.55 meters

• Net length: 6.10 meters

• Net width: 0.67 meters

Badminton Material Understanding

Badminton game is a game that is individual in nature that can be done in one-on-one or two-to-two ways in badminton or badminton using a tool called a racket as a bat and why is it the object of the hit.

The main goal of this badminton game is to collect numbers as many as 21 players who can collect points up to 21 first so he who becomes the winner in order to win the game the player must have some basic skills in badminton.

In this badminton game every player needs the help of a racket which is used to hit the shuttlecock alternately from each team that competes.

This badminton game is to get a shuttlecock by hitting or returning the shuttlecock in such a way. So that it can fall to the floor or the opponent cannot return it properly.

Badminton or badminton is quite popular in the world, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia, as well as Indonesia. The main organization of national badminton is PBSI or the Indonesian Badminton Association.

This organization was founded in 1951. The regulation of badminton games is set by the IBF or the International Badminton Federation. Indonesia officially became a member of the IBF in 1953.

Badminton Rules

In badminton material, the applicable regulations must be in accordance with IBF regulations. This policy does not only apply to equipment and equipment used only. However, interested parties must also follow it such as equipment manufacturers.

The players in badminton games are divided into several parties. The party includes a single party and a double party. This party applies to sons and daughters. However, in a double party there is a mixed double.

The match will be led by a referee assisted by 4 line judges. If the ball comes out the line the line judge is by stretching both hands to the side.

Before the game starts, a lottery will be held in advance to serve first for the winning team in the draw.

The calculation or suspension in a badminton game has the following conditions:

Performed with two wins

Since February 2006, all game parties use 2 winning systems from 3 sets, each of which is achieved by a rally point scoring system. This system is carried out with the number of each game 21. And if there is a position of value 20-20, then it is called yus. So to look for a win after the position is two points ahead of it must be achieved.

If the server makes a mistake, then the recipient of the server is declared to move the ball and get a value of 1 point.

If the recipient of the server makes a mistake, the server player gets a value of 1 point.

The server made a mistake if the location of the shuttlecock was hit higher than the waist of the server. Or when the shuttlecock is hit the racket body is not directed down, so that all the racket heads are not clearly and clearly under the hands of the server holding the racket.