Here anyone can nominate Who you think is the most broken-hearted member of the sports world for last week, and then try to cheer them up or give them some advice.

This contest is for anyone in any Scorum domain and is designed to give everyone something fun to write about every week with a guaranteed minimum upvote income that you can count on. There are always fails and goofs in sports, so even if you have nothing else to write about you can find a subject for a Happy Moan-Day blog. Although this contest does have solid prizes, it is not about winning the contest and collecting the SCR it is about writing a steady weekly blog that will provide you with a constant and steady income stream. It is also about having fun, most people enjoy a chuckle about a funny fail, how many of us can help but laugh when someone slips and falls? In sports such gaffes can provide grounds for a funny blog as long as no one was seriously injured. Upset losses seem to be the easiest targets for Moan-Day blogs followed by managers, coaches and players who were released or who have otherwise lost their jobs. While not always funny it can be easier for the victim to take when a little light-hearted ribbing is applied, especially when followed by some timely words of encouragement or advice.

At my home growing up we would set up a Badminton net in our front yard and leave it up most of the Summer. I remember trying to play before I was really big enough yet, and like the little feller in this photo I would put everything into just trying to make contact with the birdie. At first it seemed like it was always just out of reach, but as I learned to anticipate it's course in the air and get under the birdie in time to whack it a good one I then had to figure out how to get it to go back over the net. At first Scorum is like that, at first it seems like just getting noticed is out of reach, then when you do get noticed you have to learn how to get those juicy upvotes to get your new career as a writer up and over that net of obscurity that always seems to be in the way. The "Happy Moan-Day" and "Freaky Friday" blogs can be your ticket to getting noticed on Scorum. Winning is nice, but these contests are not all about winning, they are about helping you to fly out of that hard to reach corner of Scorum where everyone can see you.

The Happy Moan-Day blog is for established bloggers also, this is a great place to gain consistency by making sure that you get one good blog in a week. If you get in the habit of writing a Moan-Day blog you will never run out of subject matter or have to worry about writers block, there are always plenty of athletes, coaches, officials and others involved in the sporting industry that are suffering from some personal failure or loss. Generally at least 50% of sports fans and game participants from all around the world wake up on Monday Morning with something to Moan about as they try to face a new week.

All Happy Moan-Day Contest qualifying entries will receive a 35% upvote from me and there will be 3 winners for the contest with prizes totaling 60 SCR.

1st place will receive 30 SCR

2nd place will receive 20 SCR

3rd place will receive 10 SCR

Note: I lowered the amount of the upvote because I'm having trouble maintaining my voting power again. This is a good thing because I try to upvote as many blogs as possible, especially those blogs that are designed to build up the Scorum platform and also I want to support as many new bloggers as I can. I also want to give back as often as possible to those who support me and these initiatives, they are like family in their kindness and encouragement.


(This contest is all about Sports Losers, Fails, Muffs, Falls, Goofs, or anything else that would make a player, coach, fans or spectators moan and groan. It is meant to be funny and light-hearted so please, no post that would cause us to mourn like fatalities, or serious injuries, diseases or any other true personal tragedies. This is meant to be in fun, there are always funny fails that happen and there are losers that need to be cheered up. This is simply a way to cheer up all of those losers of the week who are trying to pull themselves back together again for the next competition.)

  1. The power of this competition is in recognition, by entering a blog in this contest you are sure to have some readers checking it out. I will upvote every qualifying blog as soon as I see the link posted below so that it gets bumped up on the trending pages. My hope is that readers will soon begin to recognize the blog title and make it a practice to support the entries. To enter this contest you must write and publish your own blog with the Title "Happy Moan-day ______________!" Fill in the blank with the name of a person, group, place, or team. This must be concerning something that has happened during the previous week prior to the contest blogs posting. So this current contest is for sports-related items that have happened between last Monday a week ago and yesterday, Midnight Sunday.
  2. Next include a photo, meme, short video clip, a screenshot or something similar that best represents the subject that you used to fill in the title blank. Make sure that you have usage rights and provide any necessary links.
  3. Now you need to write a blog of at least 450 but no more than 2,000 words to describe what happened and who was involved, as well as the reason that you are nominating them for moaners of the week.
  4. Provide a link back to this blog somewhere in your Moanful Monday Blog.
  5. Last you must say something at the end, one final quote or comment that is meant to cheer up or encourage the subject of your blog. This could be something simple like "C'est la vie," or a quote from a famous author or poet, a proverb or religious text, or best of all your very own words of wisdom or consolation. You are welcome to have your own signature encouraging comment and use it on all of your Moan-day blogs, or give a different comment or quote every week that best fits the situation.
  6. Once your Moanful Monday blog has been posted then leave a link to it in the comment section below so that I will know that you have entered the contest and I can then visit and upvote your blog.
  7. Your blog can be posted at any time before midnight Sunday night where you live, but the content must be from the previous weeks sporting events.
  8. You may enter this contest using any language, just post your blog in the native domain and provide links as stated above. Just know that I will be using a translator in order to read and judge your entry which may affect my ability to properly and fairly do so depending on the accuracy of the translator that I use.

Notes on Judging the contest

Several factors go into judging the Happy Moan-Day blogs, here are a few of them.

  • The blog is unique and engaging, it keeps the readers interest.
  • The blog is fun and light hearted, it leaves the reader with a smile on their face.
  • The reader learns something about the subject from reading the blog.
  • The advice or quotes at the end are appropriate and helpful to the subject of the blog.
  • While all of the words in the blog will count toward qualification, only those words that actually add to the story are used for judging, fluff words are ignored for this part of the contest.
  • Spelling and grammar are not directly judged in the contest, but readability is. If the judge can't read or make sense of the story then it is hard to judge it's quality.


Tiebreakers include how many of the other contest blogs you read and support and your overall engagement and activity on Scorum. The goal of this contest is to help support and build good blogging members that will in turn help build and grow the Scorum Platform. In a close decision the contestant that appears most active on Scorum will usually get the nod from the judge or judges. If there is nothing else to clearly set one entry apart from another, then the judge or judges will be looking for anything that the contestants have done recently to boost Scorum or help another blogger.

Everyone is encouraged to read and support as many of the Moanful Monday blogs as possible during the week. I will try to get these blog posts out early every Monday so that you can begin posting your blogs. I encourage you to write about an event that happens during the week and save it as a draft so that you will be ready to post it on Monday as soon as the new contest blog has been added.

Now It's Time To Introduce Our Winners From Last Week!

First Place

Winning Entry: "Happy Moanday Plateau United, The Wages Of Your Sin (Home Loss) Is Half Salaries."

Second Place

Second Place Entry: "Happy Moan-day to all the Spurs Fans"

Third Place

Third Place Entry: "Happy Moan-Day Sevilla, They Would Wish Lionel Messi Could Retire Today"

Other Great Entries In No Particular Order

@stanleyasokingz "Happy Moan Day - Leicester City Ends Time With Claude Puel."

@oxygen02 "Happy Moan Day Juventus, Could These Be Your Way Out Of The Champions League?"

@willswilliams "Happy Moan-day, Luiz and Jorginho's  foot ruin Chelsea."

Most of you know that I believe that the value of SCR will eventually exceed $100, that means that every time I pay out the winning prize money it is like paying out $3000 instead of $30 for me. Now if everyone on Scorum felt the same way about it I bet we would have a lot more Happy Moan-Day blog participation lol.

Prices may drop some more in the short term, but the extended forecast for cryptos is to the moon and the true value is not the current market price, it is the future mass adoption price!

A lot of projects will fail, but some will be hugely successful. Part of the success of Scorum depends on us, we must press on through this valley as we slowly add to our membership and grow the platform. If we succeed then a lot of people will wish they were you!

Thanks A Million To All Of The Many Friends Of Happy Moan-Day!