Badminton Affiliation of Malaysia (BAM) is trying to find a new coaching executive to restore the badminton prosperity within the nation after Malaysia reverted home empty-handed from the later Asian games in Jakarta. The 67-year-old James said the BAM must spell out clearly the part of the coaching executive and allow a specific guideline on what he can or cannot do. Malaysia can contract the most excellent coaching executive within the world but it'll be futile in case he isn't given the complete control to run the show.

These are the thoughts of former international Datuk James Selvaraj.

And more critically, James said the coaching chief ought to have the ultimate say on choices made with respect to preparing and coaching. “I accept, they as well, did not have a full specialist to perform their duties,” he said. James said BAM ought to not see distant for a candidate. “It’s time for BAM to provide a nearby with the chance to head the coaching and preparing set-up. There is one or two who are qualified and are up for the assignment,” he said.

“No one is born a pioneer. It takes time to construct one’s calibre. The foremost critical thing is the coaching chief ought to be given a full order to execute his plans in specialized matters,” said Choong Hann.

“It will fetch a bomb to bring an outside chief in spite of the fact that he may have modern thought and strategy.” “I’m still exceptionally concerned around Malaysian badminton,” said James, who has ruled himself out for a conceivable return, saying that he was cheerful with his existing part as the senior director with Bata Malaysia. James served as the BAM’s high execution executive for a long time from 2010 but he said he was not given the total and dedicated powers to execute a few of his plans. “There ought to be no interferer from anybody else. The issue with the Malaysian badminton is that there are fair as well as numerous intruding hands. How is the executive getting to perform?