I watch football, Tennis, Car Race, Long Jump, Boxing, W W E, and so many other sports events. But something poked me right in the face when I came across a movie titled;

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I decided to bring it here on Scorum. Before I proceed let me say this outside of sports generally; WE CAN NEVER BE WHO WE WANT OR ASPIRE TO BE IF WE DON'T WORK HARD. WHATEVER IT IS WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO BE, WE HAVE TO WORK WITH THEM, DIRECTING THEM AND INSPIRE THEM.(Thanks)

Now back to my writing.


The game Badminton is a racquet sports played with a racquet to hit a shuttlecock across a net. The game is sometimes played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are single(with one player) and double (with two players per side).

Racquet and shuttlecock

The game was developed in British India, first played in the 19th Century. Though since 1992, the game has been a summer Olympic Sport with 4 events.

The Movie:-

Lee Chong Wei was a kid born to a poor family. His mother was an ordinary seamstress, while his father was a retired Badminton street Player. His father never wanted him to play Badminton because he lost his good friend in a gambling game which was their last game. They won but, hoodlums took up to them and in the process, lost his friend. From then onwards, he hated the game, not totally though he watches it.His son Chong-Wei, was good in badminton. Whenever he was with his friends at the Beach, they play and have fun.

chong celebrates winning.

Chong Wei will go to the streets, competing with grown-ups, people who are good in the Game but at the end of the day he would emerge winner. People liked him for he was good. An interesting part was when his father got a news of him playing in the locale, he hurriedly rush to the venue and dragged him along. One of the organisers recognised him, called his name and challenged him and his Son to play with the best in the arena. They played and won, then he realised that it wasn't about him anymore, that he can't force Chong Wei to be who he is not meant to be. He decided to give him his support. He participated in their local competition and won. Then some sport business men picked interest in him and decided to send him to BADMINTON ACADEMY MALAYSIA.

That was when he saw what the game was all about. It was all about hard-work, Patience, and Giving all you 've got.

Badminton;CHINA vs USA.

He went for his first Men's competition in 2004, he lost to his opponent, Dan Lin.

Went fro the second in 2005, and lost to the same opponent.

Then his coach called him and advised him look at picture below.


It was Men's 2006 Final with Dan Lin, everyone including his Villagers, Friends,Team mates, Coach, Fans, The Business Men that supported him, and finally his Dad were captivated with his first performance.He won Dan ling at first round. Dan ling began to hit him hard, making it impossible for him to get a point. Everyone began to lose hope, he too began to loose hope. Dan Lin won him for the second round. Then the final round, Dan Ling continued with his astonishing performance. He had beaten Chong Wei 8-22 when Chong Remembered his childhood, his team mates, him Mother's advice, his coach, his Girlfriend, his dad and the fans, he rose from the floor where he fell loosing one of Ling's Hit. He viewed himself in an empty field, all these invigorated him and the final game began.

Every hit from him approached with an atomic force. Dan Lin couldn't get any of his hits.

Smile enveloped every face in the field, including his family and friends.

Do you want to know what happened???

you do innit???


Try the Movie, For the love of BADMINTON.

Here are some quotes from LEE CHONG WEI;