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Auction of Premier Badminton League 2018 Like PV Sindhu, Carolina Marin, and Kidambi Srikanta, the world's most popular of badminton was the highest price. 145 players of 23 countries were named in the fourth auction of PBL. Hyderabad player Hydrao Hunters lifted PV Sindhu Rs 80 lakh in Indian players However, the best auction of the auction in the first round was the absence of another Indian star Saina Nehwal. Perhaps he did not take the idea of ​​how much he can get in the tournament, as he announced the wedding in December in the first part of the franchisee. PBL is starting from October 22. It will continue until January 13. But Saina and Parupalli Kashyap are married on December 16. However, after the first round auction, Saina made it clear, she would not stop her game for marriage. After that, North Eastern Shutlers took him to the team with 80 lakhs. Kashyap got 5 lakhs He has taken Chennai Smashar Among the Indian players, those who reached the level of 80 lakhs are Kiddambi Srikanta and HS Romance. Srikanto is in the Bangalore Raptors team and the romance will be played for Delhi Dashar. Olympic champion Caroline Marin received 70 million foreign tourists. This is the first time that the duo has been in the auction for the first time in the PBL franchisee 7 AS Pune. Besides Denmark's player, currently the world's number one Victor Acceleration price is worth 80 lakhs. He will play for Ahmed Smashmasters. South Korean Sung G Hun and Lee Yang De-have taken Chennai Smashars Sung Ji Hoon also got a price of 80 lakhs. The 18-year-old young doubles specialist of India, Satbiksaraja Rakkardadi, was quite drawn to the auction. Lastly, Ahmed Smash Masters, who bought him at Tk 52 lakh. Another young star, Sourav Verma, went for 16 lakh rupees in this franchise. And the surprise talent aimed at Sen. 11 lakh taka taka 7 Esay Pune. Before the auction began, President of the Badminton Association of India (PBL) Himmat Visar Sharma said that the interest in the badminton world is increasingly increasing with PBL. Shortly this tournament has become a global brand. And this year more competition will be added to more stars.