On August 12, the final of the Softball world championship was played. The United States revalidates the title of World Champion at the expense of a rocky Japan. Canada, bronze.· The United States and Japan already have a guaranteed place for the Tokyo Olympics.


After the disappearance of the Olympic program ended the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the women's softball will again make an appearance at an Olympic Games, those of Tokyo 2020. Six teams will fight to reach the podium and one of them, with Japan as a luxury guest Due to being the organizing country, it is already known: United States, making it as World Champion 2018, tournament of the highest level that has been played in the Japanese city of Chiba over the last two weeks.Sixteen teams in two groups of eight made a total of seven matches each, passing the first four of the group to the round of fight for the championship in quarterfinal duels. The United States and Japan, great favorites and absolute dominators of the last World Cup tournaments - in the last six editions United States and Japan had played the six finals with a 4-2 balance for the Americans - won with victory in each of their groups without giving a single encounter. Behind, in the group of the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Netherlands; in the group from Japan, Australia, Canada and Italy.With the victory of Japan and the United States in a round of quarters against Puerto Rico (7-0) and Australia (3-1), and the defeat of Italy against Mexico by the minimum (1-0) and the Netherlands against Canada (8-1), the semis had a first-choice finish for the two majors in a duel that the Americans would take 4-3 in the eighth inning. On the other side of the draw, it was Canada that got rid of the always difficult Australia by a convincing 12-0, appearing in the fight for the bronze against Japan and dreaming of reissuing the duel against the USA that already waited in the final. However, the ninth Japan sounded like never before, winning 3-0 to the Canadian team that was satisfied, what a remedy, with a bronze that had already tasted in the previous edition. End: Japan - United States.The match began well for local interests, dominating up to 0-2 in the third inning, when a Spaulding homerun, the 99 of the USA, emptied the American bases to make three points on the scoreboard. The 2-3 would remain until the sixth inning when the nine Japan managed to equalize the contest and provoke an extension that would be extended, thanks to the partial of 1-1 of the eighth inning, until the tenth. There, two Japanese would not be enough to withstand the American gale with three more points would end up taking the race and the world gold by a global 6-7.As we mentioned before, with the USA and Japan already on the list of Committees admitted to the Tokyo 2020 softball, four more teams will obtain the pass to the Olympic event over the next few months.