This is part of this week's Freaky Friday contest by @pete. Aside from the pictures for the contest, all other pictures are from pxhere and Pixabay (shout out to skeeze, Keith Johnston, lcarissimi, and others from that site). This story is entirely fictional. This particular layout for the story is inspired by a video game I used to play called Grand Slam (developed by Burst Studios and published by Virgin Interactive) for PlayStation 1 (

It was a beautiful sunny day with cloudy skies. Me, my brother and his family, my sister, and my brother-in-law were sitting at the upper areas of the stadium. We were enjoying Chicago-style beef hot dogs, popcorn, and soda. This game was for the pennant, and it was between the Vikings and the Dukes. While I was personally hoping for blue skies and no clouds, you gotta admit that some sunshine is essential for a good baseball game.

Mr. Commentator: Good afternoon, everybody! It is certainly a beautiful day today here at the stadium; and it is the final game of the season between the Vikings and the Dukes. The team that wins this game wins the pennant; and I must say I am personally looking forward to this game and I think everyone watching is too.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting....ALLLEEEXX PAAARKER! Now pitching: Richard Biggs!

Alex Parker of the Vikings was the first player up to bat as the game's first inning started. He stood there with his bat at the ready, waiting to hit the ball.

Mr. Commentator: Here comes the first player up to bat for the Vikings: Alex Parker, one of the team's star players. And if there is one thing he is known for, it's his love for batting home runs.

Biggs began to throw his first pitch of the whole game.

Mr. Commentator: Here's the pitch....

Parker immediately hits the ball, which flew in the sky for at least 15 seconds before hitting the ground; by the time it did, Parker already took first base!

Mr. Commentator:....and that is Parker taking first base! May not be a home run, but at least he is paving the way for the Vikings to score big.

The next player for the Vikings came up to bat.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: GEEOORRGE JEEEENSEEN!

Mr. Commentator: And now here is a promising rookie up on the plate: George Jensen. He is been considered the star rookie for the Vikings and even got awarded Rookie of the Year! He's hoping for his first home run.

Jensen stood with his bat at the ready, and was anxious to get a hit.

Mr. Commentator: Here's the pitch....


Mr. Commentator:...that is one strike so far for Jensen.

Biggs then proceeded to throw again, hoping to strike out the Rookie of the Year.


Mr. Commentator: That's one ball along with one strike.

Three strikes means an out, but when its four balls, the batter takes the base. Any good pitcher wants the batter to have three strikes, NOT four balls. Biggs proceeded to throw the ball again....


Mr. Commentator: That's TWO balls along with one strike.

Biggs was getting a little annoyed that his last two pitches were balls instead of strikes. Biggs was known as the Master of Strikeouts, and he wasn't going to let any player take their base, not even Jensen. Biggs proceeded to throw the ball yet again....


Mr. Commentator: Now that's two ball and TWO strikes for the Vikings's star rookie!

Biggs started to feel a little better that he got a strike this time. Now if he could just get to Strike Three....

...but Jensen hit the ball!

Mr. Commentator: And its a hit, Jensen running towards first base with Parker running to second....

Jensen managed to reach first base just in the nick of time for the umpire to yell....

Author: Minda Haas Kuhlmann

CC BY 2.0


Mr. Commentator:...and he's safe! Things are going well so far for the Vikings, but the game is still young.

Now it was time another player to bat.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: THOMAS DALLAS!

Mr. Commentator: And now here's somebody who loves bases; Thomas Dallas. After a couple of seasons with the Vikings, he is sure hoping to score a run here.

Thomas Dallas was ready to bat as Biggs threw the pitch....


Then again....


And yet again....


Mr. Commentator: And with three strikes, Dallas is out! That's the first out for the Vikings.

Dallas went to the bullpen with the other players, understandably upset that he could not hit the ball. Parker and Jensen still occupied the first and second bases.


Leo Martin, a veteran member of the Vikings, was up to bat.

Mr. Commentator: And here is a veteran in the sport: Leo Martin. He's here to show everyone here and the folks at home that he is still got it.

Biggs threw his pitch....and Leo hit the ball! Leo quickly ran to first base before the ball could hit the ground!

Mr. Commentator: And that's another base for the Vikings! The base are loaded!

Now the Vikings were hoping that their next player would give them the score they wanted.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: NEIL LINEHAN!

Mr. Commentator: And here comes Neil Linehan to the plate. An all-around batter. Biggs is going to really have to step up his game if he's gonna keep the Vikings from getting any runs to home.

Biggs threw his ball, and Linehan hit it hard, causing the ball to fly up in the air as Parker, Jensen, and Martin ran to home base, leading the Vikings to score three points in the first inning. Linehan took up second base, since the ball took its sweet time to be caught by the Dukes.

Mr. Commentator: And now the Vikings score three points in the first inning! This is an incredible way to start off the game!

(about 10 minutes, two more scored runs, and three outs later)

Mr. Commentator: And now the teams have changed places; Dukes are up to bat while the Vikings are on the outfield. The score so far is Vikings: 5, Dukes: 0.


Mr. Commentator: And now we have the Dukes's first batter up to plate: Grady Palmer. Suarez has definitely got his work cut out for him as he prepares to try to strike Palmer out.

Suarez gave a fierce fastball that Palmer managed to hit. Palmer ran as quick as he could. And then....


The ball was caught before Palmer could reach first base, leaving him frustrated.

Mr. Commentator: And Palmer is out! This definitely was not a good start for the Dukes. Hopefully they can come out of this one as the Dukes's next batter comes up to the plate.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: DEREK ANDERSON!

Derek Anderson, a big and burly man, comes up to the plate to redeem the Dukes of their first out.

Mr. Commentator: And now we have Derek Anderson up to the plate. Known to many who know him as a gentle giant, he is not one to miss up on batting, and he is hoping to succeed where Palmer failed as he readies his bat.

Suarez throws the ball....and Anderson hits it, but....


Anderson unfortunately hits a foul ball, which counts as Strike 1. Suarez throws the ball again, and Anderson hits it. This time....


Anderson reached first base in the knick of time!

Mr. Commentator: And he is safe! The Dukes steal their first base for the game!

And now yet another Dukes player came up to bat.


Mr. Commentator: And now here's the Dukes's star rookie: Albert Douglas. He is hoping for his first home run just like the Vikings's George Jensen. Suarez will have to work hard to not let that happen.

Suarez throws the ball....


Mr. Commentator: That's one ball!

Suarez throws again....


Mr. Commentator: Now that's two balls!

Suarez throws yet again....


Mr. Commentator: That's THREE balls!

A frustrated Suarez throws the ball again, hoping for a strike....


Mr. Commentator: And that's FOUR balls as Douglas takes his base, with Anderson in second. Things might just be looking well for the Dukes this time.

Another batter comes up to play.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: RICKY LANDALE!

Mr. Commentator: And here's another star player for the Dukes: Ricky Landale. Suarez is hoping to strike him out after a four-ball screw up with Douglas.

Suarez throws the ball, and Landale hits it. Landale makes to second base while Anderson hits home.

Mr. Commentator: And that's a double with a scored run for the Dukes!

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: KYLE GRAHAM!

Mr. Commentator: Now here's a fresh new player up to the plate: Kyle Graham. This is his very first season and he is hoping to make a good impression for the team.

Suarez throws the ball, which Graham hits. Shortly after....


Mr. Commentator: And now that's two outs for the Dukes.

Graham walked back to the bullpen disappointed as another batter came up to play.

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: HAAARRRY DAAANIEELS!

Mr. Commentator: And here is Harry Daniels: the batting speedster who never ceases to amaze us on the plate.

Suarez throws the ball....


Suarez throws the ball again....


Suarez throws the ball again as a frustrated Daniels hopes to hit it....


Mr. Commentator: And Daniels is out so quickly! That's three outs for the Dukes as they and Vikings now switch places to start the second inning. The score so far is: Vikings: 5, Dukes: 1.

Over the course of the next 6 innings, the Vikings and Dukes took turns in having good plays and bad plays. The Dukes were able to catch up in their scoring, but they never actually got in the lead since the Vikings always managed to somehow outdo them. It was surely going to be a close game for the pennant: probably the closest game in baseball history! After being treated to the seventh inning stretch with a known comedian singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, me and the folks continued to watch the game as the Dukes and Vikings finally came up to the final inning of the game, with the Dukes playing the final half of it with all the bases loaded.

Mr. Commentator: And now folks this is the moment of truth: so far the score is tied: both the Vikings and Dukes at 24. The Dukes will need to at least score one run to break the tie, win the game, AND win the pennant. This is sure to put us all at the edge of our seats, folks!

Mr. Announcer: Now batting: KYLE GRAHAM!

Kyle Graham got back on the plate with his bat readied. Suarez began to throw the ball....


Mr. Commentator: That's one strike!

Suarez threw the ball again....


Mr. Commentator: That's TWO strikes!

Suarez threw the ball yet again. Kyle Graham was sweating big time. His girlfriends was in the audience watching him. He was hoping for his first homerun ever, and he was surely not going to be struck out! Even if they only scored just one run, he thought, at least they could win the pennant. By that time, it seemed the world stood still. This was the moment that could make or break anybody. And then.....

Mr. Commentator: And Graham has hit the ball! It's going...going....going....

The ball was still very high up the air as the Vikings panicked to get the ball and the Dukes were heading for home base!

Mr. Commentator: ....going.....going....going....going.....

And then......


The crowd all cheered! The Dukes won the pennant and they were all celebrating! It was surely a spectacular moment to remember in all of baseball history!

Kyle Graham kissing his girlfriend as they celebrate the winning of the pennant

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