My wife and I may have came close to setting a record for the most inexpensive night at Winston-Salem Dash Minor League ball game. On our run/jog back to the car when the game ended, it was still hard for me to believe my wife and I only spent $10 for parking, entry to the BB&T stadium, two large sodas, three hot dogs and two cheese burgers!

Typically a ticket for a Dash Game will cost $35 a piece. Parking will cost you $6. The cheese burgers are $6 a piece, hot dogs $3 each and the soda $5 for the large. If you were keeping tally that would bring the total to $107.00!  

So how did we get away with only spending $10 you ask? Wish I could say we have a supper secret life hack that could get you 90 plus percent discount on Minor League games. But the truth is, the stars aligned just right and my wife won the tickets along with free parking at a work function. When we got in the stadium we found out it was fan appreciation day and the burgers and hot dogs were free until the seventh-inning. I may not be a big guy but for some reason when someone puts the word FREE in front of the word food I have no problem packing it in. My wife had one hot dog. I had the other two dogs and the two cheese burgers. lol That left us paying $10 for two sodas.

There was great defense and good pitching being played by both teams. The away team scored first in the 3rd inning with a triple, that almost went over the wall, followed by a sacrifice fly to bring the runner in. 

The Dash, with one out, took the lead in the 5th inning. First batter in the 5th inning got walked and took his base. Second batter rattled a base hit while the man on first was stealing second. His head start from stealing second gave him enough momentum to get to third.  Now the Dash has runners at the corners with no outs. They decide to send the runner at first and got no resistance from there opponents. The third batter up to the plate struck out. It was a beautiful double to right field by the fourth batter that scored two runs and put the Dash ahead. As the coach from the away team (don't remember the teams name) was on the mound talking to the pitcher the sky decided to open up and shut the game down. 

Glad we didn't wait till the 5th or 6th inning to get food and now you know why we ran/jogged to the car. We left the umbrella in the car. hehehe

Even thought we didn't get to enjoy all 9 innings we had a great time, saw some good baseball, filled our bellies and made memories with each other we wont forget!