Hi to all Scorumian,

Long Time No see you may say to me after seeing this post by me. It's a misconception, maybe. :D Well, I was hell busy on STEEMIT to make handsome amount to feed myself in order to pay Internet bill, and some other expenses. Scorum can't gimme that amount for now which I can earn from Steemit as this is a long-term holding process.

I am working on STEEMHUNT regularly which is a dAPP of steemit and there are solid chance to earn daily rather than simply posting on steemit and waiting for others to vote our posts. STEEMHUNT is beyond of such crappy things. It is a hunting platform where hunters find Unique technology products, services websites, or apps and post them out. You will get a huge vote as per your level if your hunt got approved by the team of #steemhunt. I have been loving that platform for two months.

As I told you earlier that I'm hunting unique products to hunt them out there that's why I came across a new app related to SPORTS so I thought I should post this nice app on SCORUM instead of posting on STEEMHUNT as this is already posted by someone out there. Lemme tell you a bit about this excellent app below,

You may be asked yourself that can you record a pitch in baseball field but you must be knowing that it is a hard nut to crack but this can be possible by using Strike. That's how strike have achieved it.

You must be watching the baseball matches on TV while you will be unaware that how the backstage team recorded those matches. They spend a lot of money on buying expensive pieces of equipment like hardware, and cameras. This could be easy if you tried modern technology products like Strike.

The strike made it easy that it can record every pitch and sending its speed, spin rate, and trajectory to a smartphone apps in no time where you can watch 3D simulation.


It has some excellent features which make this app unique as it acts like a coaching app. You must try it for once if you love this game.

Speed: It detects the ball's velocity instantly.

Spin: It also measures the pitch spin rate.

Pitch Location: It improves your accuracy through its latest technology.

3D Trajectory: It turns the real pitch recorded image into 3D Simulation.

It is a coaching app which tells you everything which you need to know while learning this game to play well. It tracks your pitch and makes a backup of it.

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