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Kris Bryant bombed Triple A with a batting average of 40 percent and ranked No. 1 in the list of promising Major League players in his 2015 spring camp.

But the Chicago Cubs sent him down to the Minor League when the season began. This is why defense is not good at Major League Baseball.

Bryant did not make it to the Major League until mid-April of that year. He played as a third baseman and finished his defense without a pile of maggots.

In mid-April when Bryant made his Major League debut, it became impossible to fill the 172 days of his Major League Baseball registration.

Major League teams have openly manipulated the number of days of registration of the top players in the team. The number of days to register for the Major League will not be eligible for the FA until six full-time days are filled with 172 days a year, but the clubs have increased the number of new players for the first year in mid-April to delay the FA period by one year. Bryant will become an FA in 2021.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the son of slugger Vladimir Guerrero who was inducted into the Hall of Fame and ranked No. 1 in the Major League's promising players in the 2019 season, has no rival in the minor leagues. At the age of 18, he occupied both Double A and Triple A with a batting average of 0.381, a batting average of 0.437, and a slugging percentage of 0.636.

The next step is Major League Baseball, but Toronto plans to send Gerrero to the Minor League. On his behalf, he plans to use Brandon Druley, who had a batting average of 0.169 last year, as the third baseman of the opening game.

"Our vision will end with progress," Toronto Chief Executive Ross Akins told MLB Network Radio on the 27th. I don't see Guerrero Junior as a Major League player. He is 19 years old, he claimed.

``We've reached a maximum on the offensive side. However, he has the opportunity to maximize his strength and strength as well as defense. Everyone points to defense. However, it is not a defense, but a problem that lasts 15 or 20 years. "It refers to everything that encompasses teammates, including physical abilities, bases, and defense," said Guerrero Jr. "It is very versatile and dynamic." We want him to take advantage of all the potential he

"All teams manipulate service timings for their top prospects," NBC Sports said. "One of the issues that should be addressed in the next round of collective bargaining.