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He did not have much fun. Even when he hit a hit, he expressed his joy with a bat flip such as a home run or an end.

In the fifth game of the 2018 Major League National League Championship Series held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, he played as a substitute in the bottom of the sixth inning. He led the game 2-1 with the first and second bases, and the fifth inning with Corbin Bernays as a hit.

When he was hit, Puyig pitched a bat. Soon after, he raised his arms wide and cheered. The runner-up Manny Machado is not home yet. Perhaps it was time to be out of the home plate, but Puyg ran to first base to watch the Dodgers` third-base hit as if he was certain of additional goals.

Major League Baseball's official website '' was also featured on the cut4 section. said, "I had a RBI single before he even got out of bat." I enjoyed the moment when I reached first base by throwing a bat in time to make a 3-1 lead.'

The fun of Puygg wasn't over here. In the bottom of the eighth inning, he was leading 5-1 by hitting second base in front of center fielder. After hitting a line drive on the right side of Jungsu, he played a reckless base. He made a two-base hit by sliding into the head first with a second base, and once again he made a spectacular career win of 5-2 with the Dodgers leading to the World Series with only three wins and two losses.

The game was the 51st postseason game against the Dodgers. Along with franchise star Andre Ide, who announced his retirement in July, this is the record for the Dodgers. If he plays in the sixth game on Thursday, he will become the largest player ever to play in postseason games with 52 games. Since its debut in 2003, the Dodgers have won the global championship for the sixth straight year.

"It's a blessing in heaven. It's a record that means a lot to me. "I'm glad to hear that I didn't want to make much swing in the sixth inning," he said. "I didn't want to hit a home run," he said. "It was an important match. We want victory. I want to come back soon and go to Houston or Boston.