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Lotte's 2018 season failed. In the last 23 games of the regular season, he ranked seventh in the league, with many regrets, but also had small results. The discovery of new resources by Koo Seung-min and Oh Hyun-taek is a key example.

Koo Seung-min (14 saves) in the Futures League, who played for the Southern League last season, had a record of 64 games, 7 wins, 4 losses, 14 holes, and an average earned run. His performance in the second half of the season, which recorded 12 holes in 31 games, stood out.

Oh Hyun-taek, who moved his enemy to Lotte through the second draft in November last year, is the main player in the reversal. He took two seasons off from work due to elbow pain and surgery, but after 72 games this season, he put up 25 holes. He won the title by beating Lee Bo-geun (Nexen) of 24 holes to become King Hold.

However, it is too early to be pleased. It's time to look back on whether the baseball game was negligent or not.

Last year, Lotte advanced to the postseason through the bullpen baseball league in the second half. Park Jin-hyung, a rookie, and Cho Jeong-hoon, who returned to the team after a long absence from injury, were the key players in charge of the back door.

However, the two players have effectively disappeared this season. Park has been out of line since April due to shoulder injuries and has spent the rest of the season in rehabilitation. Cho also did not have much energy due to his poor condition. The aftermath of last year's effort has finally hit this season. Excessive generosity brought about a fall. Koo Seung-min and Oh Hyun-taek, which Lotte completely relied on this season, also have no law against taking similar steps. Koo Seung-min, the "machin" of the latter half of the year, is particularly concerned. Lotte Bullfen was responsible for the most 332⁄3 innings in the second half of the season, as well as the reason for the lack of the best and reliable pitcher. Although he stressed, "I don't have much problem with my physical strength," he said, "The biggest reason for my poor pitching (three out of three points in three innings) at the Gwangju Kia Tigers on Tuesday, the last regular season. The body has already sent out a warning signal.

Excessive faith approaches someone as a subordinate. The team cannot continue waiting for a new face as baseball, which has long been counted as a result of the departure of the power of expectation that it has collapsed again. Only when the two players are included in the expected history of bullpen next season, the reoccurrence of this season can be a significant achievement.