One of the most important things in humanity is behavior, for which we refer to anything. The behavior of an athlete that marries with his performance and progression.

When an athlete starts his first marches all sports, the first attitude that inculcates is discipline and attitude. Importance think that behavior is family, but a sport is a discipline.

Will the behavior and attitude be a feeling that can be contagious? and observe that, from the negative point of view ¿Will be toxic?

This behavior that Manny Machado had in the 3 rd game of the World Series of American Baseball, definitely is not the correct behavior of an athlete. The first thing you teach in baseball is, swing and run! The behavior applied to Manny in the Series was passed on to all team friends and perhaps to all fanatics.

Manny Machado, is a good Player, but this behavior may be one of the things that already has The Vulnerable Dodgers in this 2018 World Series.