Babe Ruth

He was pitcher and hitter in the majors with the Red Sox for six seasons, until he was bought by the Yankees and dedicated full time to be a fielder and batter during a career that lasted 22 years.

He is a member of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, was responsible for connecting the first homer in the history of the All-Star Game, in 1933.

The great player of the Bronx, recognized for his great work on the field of play being the first superstar of baseball, won the appreciation of fans of that time and the current. "El Bambino" became one of the players who with his personality captivated the heart of the entire MLB.

He finished his great career with a prize for the most valuable player, seven world series and a total of 714 homers

Cal Ripken Jr.

He was known as the "Iron Man" was the idol of many children, a great gentleman who aroused love, and fans of the Baltimore Orioles have it as an example.

In 1998, he finished one of the most memorable feats in the history of the Majors. After 2,632 consecutive games, Ripken decided it was a good time to end the long streak. The then third baseman decided not to be part of the starting lineup for the game against the Yankees at Camden Yards.

The Orioles took to the field and the fans noticed that Mike Bordick was the shortstop and that Ryan Minor was patrolling third base. From there he proceeded to applause after it became official that Ripken would not play.

Ripken went out to greet the fans. The Yankees left the dugout to applaud the achievement in a show of admiration and respect

Lou Gehrig had the record for more than 56 consecutive years with 2,131

Ernie Banks

He was the first black player of the Cubs of Chicago and his excellent personality won the love of the fans where he will certainly never be forgotten.

Mr. Cub Ernie Banks was a powerful shortstop who will always be remembered for his enthusiasm for the game when he said: "What a great day for baseball." Let's play two. "He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1977.

Banks was one of the most beloved baseball players in the history of sports in Chicago. He always promoted the Cubs and games during the day at Wrigley Field. His popularity and positive attitude inspired nicknames like 'Mr. Cub 'and' Mr. Sunshine '(Mr. Sunny).

Derek Jeter

His work and dedication in his time as a player of the New York Yankees, generated respect and love for the player, although he now belongs to the management of the Miami Marlins.

On August 16, 2009, Derek Jeter became the shortstop with the most hits in the history of the majors, connecting his unstoppable number 2,674, surpassing a Latin glory, to the Venezuelan Luis Aparicio.

He is a member of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, finished with 3,465 hits during his glorious career with the Yankees, being currently the sixth player with the most hits in the history of the Major Leagues.

Derek Jeter started 2 foundations in 1996. These foundations help children and teens avoid addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Yogi Berra

Currently they continue to hear comments on their wonderful phrases, their sense of love was very unique and their ingenuity was unparalleled, leaving as a legacy the motivating phrase "It is not over until it ends."

Berra was one of the undisputed stars of the New York Yankees, with whom he played from 1946 to 1963.

Stan Musial

The Man" was clipped by the Doggers fans due to the great havoc he caused with his waffle at Ebbets Field.

He participated in 22 series in the Major Leagues with an average of 331. He participated in 24 Star Games and won seven batting titles in the National League.

Stan Musial was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1969 and selected most valuable player three times in the National League.

He earned seven batting titles in the National League. He tied an old brand implanted by Ty Cobb in four challenges to connect five hits in a season. He maintained until 2002 the mark of most homers in a day by a single player shooting 5 in a double game in favor of the "Cardinals of San Luis"

Ozzie Smith

Known as "The Wizard of Oz," Smith combined athletic ability with acrobatic skill to become one of the best defensive paradores of all time. The 13-year Gold Glove Award winner redefined the position in his nearly two decades of work with the San Diego Padres and the San Luis Cardinals, establishing major league records for assists, doubles plays and total chances.

Ozzie Smith won 13 gold gloves, batted .262 / .337 / .328, with 580 stolen bases and left a .666 OPS

The acrobatic marked his mark on the majors, being a very versatile player on and off the field generating the love of all the fans of the Cardinals of San Luis, over time many children wanted to play in the position he played.