Sports have two types of classification according to the number of athletes or athletes that participate, which are individual and team sports.

Team sports have the characteristic of being made up of several athletes who have the same objective and depending on the collective performances of the members of each team will be the positive or negative result, ie the win or defeat.

While the individual sports only depend on the performance of a representative and it is not necessary the combination of plays or the harmony of the team, but each athlete will obtain their own result without depending on the contest of a partner, however there is sport, that the Competition can be done or awarded individually or by teams.

The baseball

For example, the baseball of a sport in equipment and while one is in charge or has the responsibility of the offensive to others the defensive one is entrusted to him.

It is said by experts that in a baseball team pitching represents 90% of the strength of a team, because if it is difficult for a player to make runs or hit him, the team will not need to hit a lot to win the games, but without a good staff of pitchers, although the team of good hits, the win will not be easy to get it.

The soccer


The same thing happens with soccer, if the defense and the goalkeeper manage to safeguard the dangers of goal, it is not necessary to make so many goals to win a game and the same happens with basketball, volleyball and other sport. That is to say that you need a combination of good defense, with a solid attack, to have a competitive team, because if you have good defense but you do not have a good attack or on the contrary if you have a good attack and there is no good defense, the triumphs will not be abundant and the defeats will be constant.

On the other hand individual sports have to have this same characteristic, but the triumph or the defeat depends on a single athlete, that is to say on their own abilities or talent.

The boxing

Boxing for example as it is an individual sport does not need that two boxers combine to maintain the victory and only depends on a gladiator, but that it must have both faculties at once, a good attack and a good defense.

When an individual sport becomes a team.

The tennis

There are sports that can be practiced individually or as a team, for example tennis in its two versions (field or table), swimming, cycling, athletics among others.

The swimming

Swimming is considered the most complete sport, because according to the experts, all the muscles of the body come into play and the swimmer depends on the strength, endurance and skill that will give him the necessary power to obtain the triumphs in the individual competitions. There are also swimming competitions that are held as a team.

The cycling

Cycling requires a lot of resistance to withstand kilometers on kilometers, in ascent and skill and concentration in downhills and in general it is done individually, but in order to obtain the best victories in the great competitions it is necessary to work in teams and in which is a leader and everyone works for the team leader to win.

The basketball

Basketball as a team sport needs many qualities, strength, speed, endurance and ability, but it is also necessary the serenity that controls the nervousness generated by the collection of free throws on everyone at the most crucial moments.

The chess

Chess as a science sport, requires a lot of concentration, study, research and much serenity when making the important decision in a game that would give a victory or on the contrary a defeat.

In short, the sport is a team or individual is a very healthy and healthy activity that allows us to explore our skills, physical, psychophysical and mental.

Let's do sport, which is not only to make a homeland, but to overcome the vices and gain health.

And what do you think about different sports? Do you like individual or team sports?