In Venezuela they send the ball, the bat and the glove. The baseball league is followed with passion by the Venezuelans, teams such as Navegantes del Magallanes, Tigres de Aragua, Leones del Caracas and Águilas del Zulia have many followers.

Alejandro Carrasquel

He is the first Venezuelan to play in the big leagues, who on April 23, 1939 made his debut with the Washington Senators and after that there have already been more than 400 Venezuelans who have participated in the MLB.

Luis Aparicio

He is the only Venezuelan who has managed to enter the Hall of Fame of Cooperstown.

Aparicio won the Rookie of the Year in his debut with the Chicago White Sox, and was the leader in stolen bases of the American League between 1956 and 1964. He won 9 Gold Gloves in his 18-year MLB career.

Miguel Cabrera

It has been the Venezuelan who has generated the most impact in the Major Leagues

One of the best hitters of all time and future member of the Hall of Fame Cooperstown, Cabrera accumulates 63.8 WAR (5.9 per year, three times over 7.0) and 10 calls to the All-Star Game in 13 years. Averaging .321 batting, .399 OBP, 35 homers, 41 doubles and 122 RBIs for every 162 games in his legendary career.

He is the leader of almost every offensive record among Venezuelan players, since he is first in batting, home runs, RBI, OPS, Slugging, WAR, the only one with an MVP (2, in this case) and one of the few human beings with a triple batting crown. He has four batting titles, a triple crown and has received votes for the MVP in his fourteen seasons in MLB.

Bobby Abreu

An excellent player who came to win the Gold Glove and one Silver as a gardener.

He could tie a 30-30 (home runs and robberies) and negotiate 100 walks per year, Abreu has been the most complete Venezuelan player in the Major Leagues.

In 2005, he set a record in the then derby with 24 home runs before hitting only six in 73 games after the All-Star break.

Abreu retired with an inning percentage (OBP) of .395 after 2,425 games in MLB. He connected 574 doubles (leader among Venezuelans) and 288 homers in his way through the majors. It was taken into account seven times to the MVP, won a Gold Glove and another Silver Bate as a gardener.

Omar Vizquel

Winner of 11 Gold Gloves, 3 Selections to the game of stars (1998,1999,2000), made 1734 Double Plays, 404 Stolen Bases, 1445 Scored, 2877 Hits, 456 Doubles, 77 triples, 80 Home Runs and 951 Shots

Andrés Galarraga

He was the first Venezuelan to win the batting crown in the Major Leagues. He did it in 1993 with the Rockies when he hit .370 offensive average

The "Gato" was the great Venezuelan slugger until the appearance of Miguel Cabrera. He shot 399 homers and towed 1,425 in 19 seasons in MLB. In 1993.

5 Selections to the game of the stars, (1988, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000), 2 Gold Gloves (1989, 1990), 2 Silver Gloves (1988,1996), 1 American League Batting Title (1993) ), 2 times return of the year (1993,2000).

David Concepción

He was the great shortstop of the brilliant "Red Machinery" of the Cincinnati Reds in the seventies. He gave 2,326 hits in 19 seasons in MLB, all with the Ohio team. He is in the organization's Hall of Fame, thanks to his five Gold Gloves and two Silver Bates.

9 Selections to the game of stars (73,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82), most valuable game of the stars (1982), 5 World Series disputed,, Silver Slugger Award (1981,1982) ), Roberto Clemente Award.

Johan Santana

Johan Santana is the best Venezuelan left-handed starter in the majors. Although his career was affected by injuries.

The "Gocho", as he is known by the Andean area where he was born, is the only Venezuelan pitcher to win the Cy Young twice (2004, 2006) Both prizes came in his years with the Minnesota Twins.

He won the triple crown the year of the second prize for the best pitcher in the American League. Unfortunately, injuries to his shoulder shortened his brilliant career.

2 Times Pitcher of the Year (2004,2006), 4 Selections to the game of the stars (2005.2006,2007,2009), 1 Gold Glove American League (2007), Leader in games won in the American League (2006), Leader in effectiveness in the American League (2004, 2006), Leader in ERA in the National League (2008), Leader in strikeouts in the American League (2004, 2005, 2006), First pitcher of the Mets that launches a game without hits, nor careers. (June 1st, 2012).

Jesús Marcano Trillo

Trillo nicknamed "Indio" or "Manny" came to hold the record more consecutive games without making mistakes for a second base (with 89) and fewer errors in a season (with 5). The day that Trillo made the mistake that broke his clean streak, he received a huge ovation from the audience.

Jugò 1 World Series (1980), Most Valuable Player of the National League Championship Series (1980), 3 Gold Gloves, 4 Selections to the game of the stars

Felix Hernandez

He is the Venezuelan with most victories in the Major Leagues (157) at 31 years old. He is the ace of the Seattle Mariners almost since its premiere in the majors and has never faded into that role. In 2011, he won his first Cy Young in the American League, finishing second on a couple of occasions. He is also the Venezuelan pitcher with more strikeouts (2,297) and pitched innings (2454.1) in the majors


They also deserve a special mention for their excellent career in the big leagues :

José Altuve, Victor Davalillo, Carlos González, Tony Armas, Alfonso Carrasquel, Armando Galarraga, Marco Scutaro, Oswaldo Guillén, Francisco Rodríguez, César Tovar, Salvador Pérez, Edgardo Alfonso, Elvis Andrus, among others .

And for you what have been the best...