The Challenge: post a photo with fruit in a shoe. Make sure you still write a post worthy of Scorum.

Once and a while when the moon is full, all good people get in trouble for doing good. When this happens it's time to take stock of all around you and place a bet on if your Husband will ask you, "Why are you walking around with one of my gym shoes?"

Lucky for me, the Wife, he was watching a program on TV about the Mafia. Betting on 22 years of marriage, I asked him what he was watching on TV and heard a ten minute rundown about the John Gotti Family. I Hmm'd and Aahhh'd in all the correct places and walked into the kitchen shoe in hand.

Now I know you are all thinking that it would be easier to just take my own shoe but I don't own any athletic shoes. Shocking I know!! but it's okay, I will live a very happy life not going to the gym. Hubby's gym Wife can gladly take that role.

Kathy and Cindy (Hubby's Gym Wife) at The Milwaukee Brewers game.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it. I bet you all thought I couldn't do it!

Now vote on my photo so I win!!