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Yes right Baseball, one of the US-American national sports has always been a mystery to me.

Sure I get the basic rules, that there are different guys who are assigned different tasks. The ones who trow the ball, I even know that those guys are called pitcher, and then there are the batters, the ones who have to try to hit the oncoming ball with a club.

And if the latter ones are happy enough to make the ball fly like a bird, then suddenly the sleepy crowd awakes and starts cheering when some players try to circle the pitch, what in most of the times will be abruptly interrupted and stopped by the referees. There are quite a few of those killjoys out on the field though.

Somehow the teams still manage to gather some points, even though nobody really seems to notice when that happens. The people on the stands seem to do their own thing, I guess they are sometimes just too far away to see what is going on. Apparently a game can go on for hours, so I am really wondering what is the reason to watch a live baseball game, when most of the players just stand still for ages before being changed. Some of them seem to have a pretty easy or maybe rather boring job to do, hardly ever do they have to move and if a ball manages to come near them, they try to get rid of it as fast as say can, to start hibernating on their position again.

When I was young I didn't know anybody who had played baseball, I didn't even know where the next baseball ground was. Probably across the boarder in the country of our arch enemies.

Sure I was curious after watching some TV show where coach Buttermaker formed the "Bears", a team full of losers, into a bunch of winners. But since I had no chance to perform this game myself, my interest died pretty soon and left me with lots of unanswered questions.

What lasts until today, where I am still waiting to find someone who could finally enlighten me and tell me what is so exciting about this lulling game, which is only topped by cricket, something I don't even dare digging into.

I guess the day of me understanding Baseball will never come...

This is my entry to @mikey's free writing contest about a sport we don't understand. It took me a bit more than 10 minutes to put this together and of course I couldn't include all thoughts I first had, but hey... that's it!!

Thanks Mikey for this nice idea to create the Scorum Freewrite Group to get us writing about something more personal than just games pre- or reviews, hopefully you get lots of people joining.